Youngest wins her first race


My 65-pound just-turned-11-year-old is in her first season of track. It’s only a 4-meet season and it’s pretty casual. I’ve commented before about her potential (not as her dad; actually being objective). A couple of weeks ago, she had her first meet, and she won the 800. While her time (3:13) and her margin of victory (3 seconds) aren’t overly impressive, take a look at the video; she was simply playing with the field. Immediately after the race, she walked over to me an just started chatting like she’d only warmed up. You see her take off when if someone started to reel her in on a couple of occasions. With no real training outside of soccer and a few runs, I think she has a very pretty middle-distance stride.

Here’s a link if you want to download the video:

Side note: The track she did it on holds some special memories for me. In 1982, I broke the school record for the mile there. On prom night. I had my tux in the car, and my best friend picked up my date along with his and took her to the dinner. After the race, I showered, changed and met her at the dance. When I walked in, she said, “Just tell me if you did it or not, then I don’t want to hear about it the rest of the night.” Then, in 2007, I got to see my then-25-year-old 3200 school record broken on that same track. Now, I’ve seen my youngest win her first race on the same track.

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Congratulations! WOW! Wonderful to see on the continunity of running.

Winning is winning…!


Little twerp (and I do mean LITTLE; she weighs 65 lbs soaking wet and she’s so skinny she’s had teachers express concern about her weight; of course, she eats like a horse) ran 3:08 first time out just a few minutes after running the 400 in 76 (getting second just a step behind a girl who also won the 100 and 200) and she wasn’t even breathing hard. Literally. She walked straight over to me after the race and said, “That was FUN!” just like should would’ve had she not even run the race. I swear she could’ve gone 15 seconds faster, and I say that as Zat, not as Dad.

I was going to have her run her first 1600 this past weekend, but she was sick and didn’t even run. This Saturday is the CYO City Championship meet, and based on the schools in her class, I think she has a good shot of winning both the 1600 (even in her debut) and the 800 (she’s undefeated, having won again since the meet I posted about). A girl on her team has the third-fastest time in the city at 1600 in their class (and the top two are just a few seconds faster) and this girl isn’t even close to Sarah, so I think she’ll do fine in her 1600 debut.


Hi Sweetie, you mega star… you are absolutely AWESOME!!!

I know ZAT you will let your daughter read moi…

SWEETIE…you are sooooo superlatively (ah, new word) awesome…GOOO!!! GOOO!!! Go FOR IT!!!

You Rock!

GO Twerp!!!

My Beauty says…“Good for you!”


CYO City Championship meet today. Youngest is running her first mile as part of a 1600/800 double. Unfortunately, she was sick and didn’t run last weekend, which was supposed to be her debut. Between being sick, missing some training and missing a meet, she may have her work cut out for her.


The twerp just won the mile by nearly 20 seconds in 6:38, again not even really breathing very hard.


We must ask Zen and Admin to hold the registered name “The Twerp” for her

are you sure she embraces the fact her Dad calls her “The TWERP”:confused: :eek: :cool:
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to track Dadhood! I suggest you go ahead and get certified as an official so you can be closer to the action when she competes and give you something to do for the rest of the day(s)…Let’s see, you’ve got 6 more years of paying for meets unless you officiate, then 4 years of college where the meets are free (except the travel). Enjoy!


Bravo, young Twerp!

Sounds like there’s a lot of natural talent there – some good Zat-ian genes!

Just curious, Zat, how did you get her started? Did she run with you? Go to meets with you?

Passing on the love of sport without passing on undue pressure can be tricky sometimes.


The truth? She only ran a TOTAL of four times the entire one-month CYO track season outside of the meets. She ran those times off of nothing more than playing soccer and those four easy runs, the longest of which was a princely two miles. For all practical purposes, she ran 77/3:02/6:38 (debut) off of nothing at the age of 11. I’m a big believer in letting young kids develop a little more neuromuscularly before doing a lot of endurance training. Running is very limiting in the department, and the soccer, two seasons of basketball and dance she’s been doing serves her purposes just fine for right now. A quick perusal of the 8-14 year old age group records will reveal some incredible performances by girls you never heard from again. I’m in no hurry with her.

Her potential is considerable, and I say that as Zat, not as Dad. I’m convinced that with just two months of 3-4 runs/workouts a week, she could’ve been flirting with breaking 6:00. She actually still had quite a bit left after her 6:38, and probably had a 6:25-6:30 in her had she had someone to follow at that pace. As it was, she took the lead with about 600 to go and just ran to win with no serious challenge to her.

As for getting her started, she’s LOVED to run since she could barely walk. In that sense, she’s just like I was; I’d much rather run than walk when I was a kid. Plus, she’s always known just from playground races, soccer, PE, etc. that she was the fastest girl in her grade (and faster than all but a couple of the boys) so that kind of positive feedback doesn’t hurt, either.

Two years ago during basketball practice over Christmas break (she would’ve only been 9 then), the girls were all hyper and not paying attention so the coach barked, “You girls aren’t paying attention; do you want to run?!?!”

The Twerp spikes her ball, shouts “YEAH!” and takes off to start running laps. Coach thought she was being a smart ass, so I hustled out told him that she wasn’t, that she just loves to run.

Bewildered, he asked, “So how do I punish her then?”

“Pushups,” I replied. “Those little noodle arms of hers can’t do a single push up.”


Great stuff, Zat!

That’s what it’s REALLY all about: the love of running!


And two days ago, CYO announced that it is adding CROSS COUNTRY this fall!! 1600 for grades 5-6, 2400 for grades 7-&. The Twerp is STOKED

And it looks like I’ll be coaching the 6th grade girls…