Yoshi, I'm calling you out


For talking about my fashion sense and creepily stalking me, you snickerlicker.

What are you gonna do about it?


shut up fag8ot


Why do you always bypass the word filters so often? It’s f*cking annoying. <3


well fuck me. at least i did it in a creative way that time :smiley:


No one’s talking to you.

yoshi, what’s it gonna be? Show me how articulate you are as a English major!!!




I’m an English major? That’s news to me…


They don’t speak English in Louisiana.

At least not any kind of English I can understand.


No. I had to have a translator when I sat for the SAT IIs and AP exams. FWIW, those guys charge exorbitant rates. Also, one of our units in Jr. High PE was “alligator wrestling”. They muzzled the gators to prevent appendage loss, but I still have a few gnarly scars from the claws.


You sound exactly like how an English major would sound and you post as though you’re taking a creative writing class. And yeah, no one really knows who you are.


Someone should make a poll asking who we like better. It’s all the rage these days.


Someone should tell Otis he is a cock ******


He actually just talks quite eloquently in person, sans English degree.


Check your phone. From a distance.


Your lack of boob texts are appalling.

Your mice to boob ratio is terrible.

I hate you and your Bulls tickets.


I know yoshi.


this thread is just further confirmation of BlackIrish’s deep-seated inferiority complex. something is very wrong when you start calling people out for not being as retarded as you (see also: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann).


His inferiority complex is well founded. At least he’s a man who knows his station in life.


You never even answered my questions or addressed my arguments. You’re all rhetoric and no logic. Poor guy, lol inferiority complex. Where did you come up with that deduction? I enjoy calling out idiots like you, you make my day interesting.


Give me any reason to actually acknowledge you as an intellectual other than you have potential to write for the New Yorker as an opinion columnist.