Yohan Blake and the 100m Picture


Won the Donovan Bailey Invitational 100m today over: Kimmons, Clarke, Ndure, Phiri and Bailey. It was still air and he ran 10.05.

His seasonal progression at 100m:

4/14 9.90 (1.6)
5/9 9.84 (0.5)
6/9 9.90 (0.7)
6/16 10.05 (0.0)

He has won all his races and he also managed to run a 19.91 with a 1.1 wind on 5/5.

Usain Bolt thus far:

5/5 9.82 (1.8)
5/25 10.04 (-0.8)
5/31 9.76 (-0.1)
6/7 9.79 (0.6)

He has won all his races.

Justin Gatlin thus far:

5/11 9.87 (0.4)
5/16 9.93 (0.3)
6/2 9.90 (1.3)

He has won all his races and he also managed to fit in a 20.11 200 back on 4/21.

Asafa Powell thus far:

5/11 9.88 (0.4) and 2nd to Gatlin
5/19 10.02 (-0.4) won race
5/31 9.91 (-0.1) and 2nd to Bolt
6/7 9.85 (0.6) and 2nd to Bolt

Gosh darn does this look good for later this summer. Right now Bolt would appear to be in the driver’s seat but with Bolt, Blake and Gatlin all undefeated it is still anyone’s game.

Powell looks solid to make the Jamaican team. Ashmeade has run 9.93, 9.97 and 10.03 but two of those races came on a wind friendly track in Florida and the other in Eugene which can see deceptive breezes as well. Clarke has run 9.99 and 10.03 and Nesta Carter’s best is 10.05 (he did run 9.89 last year but has done nothing since 2010 to show he can repeat that form) Frater has run 10.00 and 10.05.

At this point with injury question marks around:

Tyson Gay 10.00
Walter Dix 10.04 (but 9.85 with a 2.4 wind early season)
Jeff Demps 10.11
Harry Adams 9.96
Ryan Bailey 10.01

Gatlin looks like a lock for our 100 team. After our injury troops and that we have a big mish mash of:

Raqieem Salaam 9.98
Mike Rodgers 9.99 (plus three other times under 10.1)
Maurice Mitchell 10.03
Darvis Patton 10.04
Travis Padgett 10.04
Trell Kimmons 10.04

Men’s 100 at the US will probably be its usual blow out through the rounds. The team, however, is far from set.

Only Bledmon (9.89), Lemaitre (10.04) and Hyman (10.04) have run under 10.05 from other countries other than Jamaica and the USA.

Trinidad should be fielding another nice 4x100 in London with Bledmon, Callender (10.07), Burns (10.08), Thompson (10.09) and Sorrillo (10.18) all running well.


Being it’s just mid June it really is too early to start getting a “real” feel for what we will see in August. Things change real quick in sprintdom, but if we do go with how things are looking right now…

Bledman is the big surprise as is Ashmeade. They are on another level this year in the 100m. Will Ashmeade be on that 4x1 team?

Justin Gatlin is where he was but that was is from 2004. I don’t think that will work vs Bolt, Blake and Dix and maybe Gay.

If Usain Bolt is still Usain Bolt he cannot be beat. He would have to be subpar to lose a big 100m.

Yohan Blake is the silver medalist if he runs as he can. I do see him running faster but just not this season.

Asafa Powell will be running for the bronze, as we know he can’t run his best stuff after rounds in these big meets.

Walter Dix should be the best bet for the USA, but he’d have to run something he hasn’t to deal with the Jamaicans.

Richard Thompson is a bit of a…???..which makes him interesting. He could surprise meaning a bronze.

Tyson Gay and rounds…??? I gotta be honest I don’t see him surviving the trials. If I’m wrong and I hope I am will he survive those Olympic rounds? If he is back (big if) to being himself then there goes Walter Dix as our best bet.

I don’t see anyone else in the mix.

Dix, Powell. Gatlin, Thompson? Gay?
Anyone in front of that gang would be a surprise.

If Gay is back does he run his third leg? I keep him away from curves anyway.


At this point I see Gatlin as our best option in the 100. Consistently sub 10, and HEALTHY, something that Dix and Gay are not


All true, which sucks. No track fan wants to see Gatlin get a medal in a US uniform.


Dix and Gatlin are close. I can’t make a real strong case for Dix, more a gut feeling. Gay is simply…???


He isn’t proving that whatever he was doing had litle effect on him because he’s doing it again as straight as a ruler?

I’d love to see him medal and I bleed red white and blue.


That’s a great joke.



So tell what is he on?


Prove your point, he’s taking what?


No, you’re probably right. I’m sure a 30 year old guy with history of drug use and a coach who also had a history of drug use is now clean and running the same times that he ran as a doped 24 year old. I’m sure the effects of anabolic steroids on the human body are actually negligible and Gatlin is now running as fast as ever because he is using the ultimate performance enhancer: a righteous desire for redemption.


You think he isn’t aware of his situation? The guy was one of the greatest NCAA sprinters ever. He is a winner. For you to act like some punk kid about this when you know nothing at all about what he’s doing is wrong.

You are totally clueless about what Gatlin is doing. Prove that statement wrong.


You’re running on empty, slick. Considering what he has done in the past, the company he keeps, and his current results, your claim that Gatlin is clean is nothing but pie in the sky. All you have is the guy’s word, which isn’t worth very much anymore. Why you are so personally involved that you can’t be objective about this is beyond me.


I was a druggie once upon a time, I also drank like a fish. Haven’t even smoked a joint in over 10 years, quit drinking around that same time, so much for …“once upon a time”.

Gatlin is a great talent he is histories only sub10.00/sub20.00/sub13.60 athlete. While at Tennessee he ran a 44.2 4x4 split. He won everything while at Tennesse. Then his 2004 Olympic win when he wasn’t among the favorites. He’s also a World 60m Champion. The guys simply has it.

I’m not about to play this stupid…“he’s still dirty”…when I just like you don’t know a damn thing about what he’s doing right now. Why act like some punk kid like you are?

Why not just say…

All these guys are probably on something?


Pretend for a moment that he’s clean as a newborn’s ass.

The fact that he was caught doing drugs is enough for me to not want him, as an individual, to succeed. IMO, if you’re caught once it should be a lifetime ban. Straight.

None of this slap-on-the-wrist 2-year shit. You cheated, robbed other (honest) people of their chance, and sullied the name of the sport. If it were up to me, he wouldn’t even be allowed within 400m of a track.


I agree 100% with you on that. I have said that exact same thing. You get caught you are history, toatally gone. Go find a job.

But since that isn’t the case I can’t act like I know anything at all about what this guy is doing. I don’t, we don’t. No way can I play this silly, once a cheat always a cheat. I know tons of people who gave up bad habits.


I don’t really care if he’s clean or not right now. He’s done for me. I’ll never root for a proven-cheater.

What if Marion Jones came back and started tearing it up next season? Would you root for her?


Has he stuck to the Christopher Whetstine rubbed me wrong story all this time ?


I don’t understand why you are sticking up for Gatlin, and then in the same post agreeing with a guy who says Gatlin should never be allowed to compete again. So you agree with Equinox, then try to perpetuate the same argument for argument’s sake while contradicting yourself in the same post. Nice.


You must be misunderstanding me.

I’m dead set against drug cheats in any sport. They are not given a second chance. Once they are found out they are gone.

But it’s not like that so I have to go with reality. These guys do get another chance since that is the case no way can I accuse someone of anything, hell I don’t know anything about what he’s doing and neither does anyone else.

Am I…the hell with the guy because he cheated? Nope, not at all, he got another chance ok if that’s the case go USA.