XC Spike options for this fall


I have a pair of Nike Mambas that I could maybe use on a less-than-rough course, but even then I would maybe only save them for end of the year races to save their durability. (I used for a few workouts and a few races in track)

I also have the Brooks Wire, but I’m not sure if I’d like that fit for a lot of turns on grass.

Anyway, I’m thinking about getting a regular XC spike because they would be more durable and probably better for workouts and early and mid season races. Heck, there is a good chance I’ll use them for the end of the year as well.

I’ve tried on the Nike Victory XC but it doesn’t quite fit right. It’s not bad, but I’m not a fan of the high arch. It is just annoying.

I’m thinking about trying the new Saucony Shay XC3. It comes in at 6.1 oz (size 9).

Thoughts on this spike (such as the fit) or other XC spikes? How about the weight? Do you use track spikes during XC?


I haven’t tried it, but the Brooks Mach 14 looks pretty nice.


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I would highly reccomend the Adidas Adizero Cadence first or second version. Although it is built for the track, it works EXTREMELY well in xc. Its built well in the midsole, very grippy on grass, and 6 pins fr traction. Also the weight is right at 5.3oz in a size 9


This. I will be wearing the Cadence (v1) this season, except for championship meets (Matumbos).


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