Xc going to 4 classes...good!


tullyrunners reports that fall of 2011 will only have 4 classes at state meet…


basically AA/A will become A/B with slight changes to the cutoffs but the main change is B/C/D are now C/D so the smaller schools will be impacted the most.

This is very good b/c it will create much more competition for the small schools/individuals to get to state which will result in much better performances at the lower class level


2012 is 4 classes, this fall remains unchanged.


The change to four classes will be for this coming fall. The exact cutoff numbers for each class have yet to be determined. They should be announced some time this summer.


This is a good move.

The depth / quality of competition at the C/D level has been a joke since they went to 5 classes.


people complain about the classes too much.


not true. for a while class d was one of the most competitive at the top for individuals with thompson, van ingen, and berube


Not really.

The class D race was pretty good in 2005. In 2006, Thompson and Berube had a good battle. But the last 4 years have been more typical… 3 of the 4 years, only one class D guy was in the top 75 guys in the merge. In 2007, an extreme example, Berube was the only D guy in the top 140.

Thompson, Van Ingen, the Berubes, the Edmonds… would qualify for States in any class. The vast majority of D individuals at the state meet in the past 7 years wouldn’t be close.


new, updated cutoffs for 4 classes screw large schools (different from original #s)


Agreed. I would have preferred it if they made two classes out of the previous B-C-D schools, and left AA and A pretty much alone.

Bill Melan had some interesting analysis on his site, essentially recommending that schools not fielding full teams not be considered in the counts that determine the break points. I agree with that concept.


In 2010 class D shows 9 girls were rated 100 speed rating or higher at the end of the year while AA had 142…now a bunch of top A schools are going up to AA with the new 4 class set up and D is virtually unchanged?


That is exactly why we have classes. The little schools cannot compete with the big schools. We do not ask D class football teams to play against AA class teams so why compare D class cross country teams with AA teams?


Not a compelling argument, considering that you need at least 5 times as many guys for an effective football team. And nobody’s asking class D schools to compete with AA schools, just that their size limits share in the increase as we move from 5 classes to 4.