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“Gabby Reuveni was a junior on the rise and a track and cross-country star at Washington University in St. Louis [Paramus High School Grad] when she was struck by a vehicle Saturday while running.”


I’m devastated by this news. Gabby was a sweet wonderful girl who was starting to reach the potential she had. Her sister Jessica was the 2012 Bergen County shot put champion and equally sweet and talented. Will idiocy ever stop? Why not a device in every vehicle that doesn’t allow the car to start if the driver blows too high? Does it really matter what it costs if it saves lives? I hope the driver gets heavy jail time and never can drive again!!!

R.I.P. Gabby


Found out yesterday from a good friend whose kids ran for Paramus and know Gabby and my daughter competed alot against her. She was smart, sweet, and had a passion for her running. What will it take for people to STOP drinking and driving? As a parent, very much on my mind. Prayers go out to her family and friends. Can’t imagine what they are going through.


I’m still in shock over this. Gabby was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and by all accounts an incredible person. I didn’t know her too well as she started high school the same year I started college, but I met her when I went back to visit the team and to watch meets. Even in those limited interactions, she was always so sweet, bubbly, and kind. I’ll always remember her coming up to me at the Paramus Run one year and acting so excited to see me - like I was a best friend she hadn’t seen in years. She was just the type of person who could always put a smile on your face - who saw the best in people, and WAS the best in people. She really was the perfect girl - smart, sweet, beautiful, athletic, and kind. For a life with such potential to be taken away so mindlessly is sickening. The guy who killed her had just been arrested a couple weeks ago for wielding an ax at a customer at a McDonalds where he was begging for food - obviously this guy was unstable, and he clearly should not have been on the road. (This happened at noon - not the most obvious time for a DUI.)

The fact that Gabby was killed while out running has made this even harder for me and many of her friends, as she made so many through track and xc. Gabby was a good runner in high school, but I know she wasn’t sure she was going to run in college. She obviously decided she wanted to, however, and ended up a national champion this year with WashU. She also made tremendous personal improvements, going from running around 20:30 in high school, to 18:44 this year in the 5k. Obviously she was training hard, so for her death to occur as an indirect result of that training is just devastating.

I’ll never make sense of this tragedy, but hopefully it at least makes people more aware of the dangers of drunk/distracted driving. Her father posted a plea on her facebook wall to never get behind the wheel drunk or high, and to never text or drive recklessly… and hopefully those who knew her in particular will take those words to heart and remember what can happen when you make stupid choices.


…and more infuriating is that this guy was charged with weapons possession the week before after going into a McDonald’s on rte 46 and demanding free food. When they would not give him the food - he took wielded an axe at people! Then the day after he hit Gabby, he smashed his own truck into a pole in Parsippany!
I realize they had to wait for the results of the blood alcohol levels to charge him with DUI or vehicular manslaughter, but couldn’t his license be suspended or truck impounded pending those results? He could have (God forbid) hurt or killed another! Where are the laws protecting us?

I guess I just don’t understand our system…!!!

signed, ANGRY PARENT!!!