All my reps and posts have been deleted. What the hell is this ****?


Obviously the Gods have listened to TT’s collective prayers.

Now if they only banned you, we’d all throw a ****ing parade.


Why the hate :frowning:


Michael Jordan is extremely overrated.

That’s why.


More or less overrated than Peyton Manning? I’m gonna say less.




Keep the negs coming guys. I can take it. xcwc just spread rep so he could neg me multiple times. Who cares? Anybody with a brain can see what’s going on here.


Put Michael Jordan on a **** team, and he has 0 rings.

It helps when you have 2 HoFers on your team.


I negged once for the record. This thread doesn’t need to exist, just post more and people will neg, I mean rep, you :smiley: . But now that you mention it, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


Best pump the brakes.


lol you want him to win championships by himself? Of course he wouldn’t win any championships on a **** team. Nobody would, because it’s a **** team lol

But is that why the HoFers won those 2 championships the years Jordan left? Also only one of those HoFers were there for the first 3 championships.


I didn’t know people actually cared about rep. If it is such a big deal to you, maybe try not being a sh*te poster for a while and see how things turn out.


Really though, how has nobody caught on…


People have.


“So very, very Dirty.”


Otis Noooooooooooooooooooo


Well since Otis ruined the fun, HERE I AM GUYS! I’m okay after all :slight_smile:

I already explained to him I was going to change that but TT wanted me to complete the rest of the required fields like my birthday and crap but I’m too lazy. Plus I thought it wouldn’t be fair having only the join date being the indicator.


Michael Jordan. Best there ever was.


Had me going.