Wow, Sarah Baxter 16:00, takes down Trotter's Mt. SAC record


Never thought I’d see that fast on the ol’ course.

She deserves her #1 ranking, no doubt.


On LetsRun there are several posts that say she cut the course by a substantial amount. Hopefully not true.


Would have been 48th in the boy’s team sweeps



I’m by no means an expert with respect to girls all-time XC performances, etc., but this does look like it’s the best ever.

What do some of the regional gurus say? For instance, I’m pretty sure that Melody Fairchild still has the Balboa record, but her MW Regional record has been bettered in the last few years. Does she have any other great performance that still stands as a record - maybe on a well known Colorado course?

In the Northeast, I’d offer up Cathy Schiro’s 16:46.0 for the VCP 5k as the best performance that I’m aware of in these parts, but even that is probably a level or two back from what Baxter just did.


They say it was the best high school women’s xc race of all time, now i don’t know anything about all time but it damn well was the best race I’ve ever seen.


What’s almost as good is that it has attracted over 3000 comments. That gets noticed.


I have posted this a time or two before. Cathy Schiro’s unreal 16:46 at Vanny is the greatest girl’s XC performance that I know of. Year after year, no one gets near it.

***not comparing it to the Baxter mark. I am not familiar enough with Mt SAC