Would a speed skating track be a legal venue?


It has the required 400m distance.


To run on? That would be a lot slower.


Assume the ice was replaced with a standard running track.


So it would just be a track?


That would be required for legality.


would it though?

I can envision some cool spikes where if you’re up on your toes you can get good traction, but if you’re on your heels you can slide along the ice. It would be slower for sprints but you could save energy in longer distances by striding and gliding.


if you replaced the ice with a track, it wouldn’t be anything special


Do you mean using the long track rink with a track surface as opposed to the 200m tracks that are used indoors?




Aahh :smiley: Then I don’t see why not? It would be better than any indoor track (except for the BU track according to Alberto). The only problem is that there are so few long tracks in the United States. I pretty sure there are only 2 or 3 and one of them is the Oval in Lake Placid, which is uncovered and would be the exact same thing as a normal outdoor track. (Former speed skater here :wink: )

Edit: There are 2 indoor long track rinks in the US. One in Utah and one in Wisconsin.


I’m not entirely sure as to the question, but the NCAA does not allow qualifying on any tracks built post-2004 that are longer than 300m. This allowed places like ND and Washington to be kept, but discouraged schools from pushing the envelope any further. The rule book also prohibits any 400m indoor tracks (e.g., Salt Lake Olympic Oval) from being used.


Legal for what purposes?


I think he means for the use of medical majiuana.:confused:

Boy, did he not ask a complete question or what? More questions asked about his question than answers given.



illegal and you’d spend 10 years in jail for attempting to run on one.


What’s the question here? ???


Good question. Unfortunately, an inarticulate poster is the originator.