World Cross-Country Champs


On paper, it looks like the US are sending very solid men’s and women’s squads. Medal chances? It’ll be interesting to see how China does as well on home turf.



Is World XC still relevant? Seems arguing the point is just making it worse. I’ve been to watch three times: Belfast, Brussels, and Lausanne. Great fun and an awesome way to get to see top athletes up close. The negativity towards the event is a shame. In the end, XC is a freaking hard sport and the WXC is likely the hardest event of them all. I wonder if it’s more fear of the event than anything else.


Certainly an interesting storyline will be how Sarah Hall does racing after bombing at the LA Marathon just 2 weeks prior. Tough turnaround…

Probably far more interesting, could Derrick contend for a medal (10th last year)?


Not sure what the reasoning is behind Sarah Hall’s choice to run. It’s not like she didn’t take L.A. seriously. It looks more like she bonked out due to the heat. I can’t imagine that will turn out well. Derrick as a medal contender? That would be awesome. I imagine it’ll come down to what kind of a race it is. If they take it hard, he might be able to hang and pick off the Africans as they fall off the pace. If it’s a sit and kick, probably less likely to medal.


The way the website is set up, you can’t link to the blog directly, but on she gives a pretty thorough explanation of what went wrong. Basically the downhills took more out of her legs than she expected, and by ~16 miles, she had nothing left.

As for Derrick’s chances depending on the tactics of the race, supposedly it will be rainy all week leading into the race, so the course will likely be a tad muddy, so it could level the playing field a bit for the sub 13/27 guys vs Derrick.


Not sure about a medal, but I can confidently say that Derrick will be in contention. He seems to be in good form and never seems to have an “off” race.

Cross might actually be his best chance for a major international medal unless he has a (very) successful move to the marathon.


Interesting about the downhill with Hall’s legs, but it’s not like the course was a secret. In any case in my experience, it’s harder to recover from a crash and burn marathon than a good one. A muddy course will make it tougher. If she pulls off a good run, it’ll be mildly epic. Good luck to her.


Extreme Naperville bias here, but he is one of the best interviews among US track athletes:

  1. Geoffrey Kamworwor Kenya
  2. Bedan Karoki Muchiri Kenya
  3. Muktar Edris Ethiopia

Chris Derrick 23rd