World comprehensive lists - May 2013


Asian men leading the sprints, US men leading the 5000…

what are the asterisks for?

  • = USA athletes on the world list I believe


It is still super early, half the 5k list is americans, and some of the top americans have not even ran outdoors yet. The list is sort of meaningless right now but still interesting.

Super pumped about the Canadian Steeplers at #1,3,6 with Genest and Winter running that in a season opener. I expect Genest to run low 8 Teens. Hughes and Winter will probably drop another 5-10 seconds during the season. Obviously these times won’t make the list once the kenyans start running but Canada could have 3 respectable steeplers in Moscow, also Taylor Milne has been transitiong to the steep so that could mix things up.