Wisconsin at Big Ten's


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An all Wisconsin team would have come 4th in the Women’s race

04 Gina Sereno

12 Aubrey Roberts

16 Amy Davis

22 Brenna Calder

30 Alicia Monson

32 Michelle Lee

36 Sarah Heinemann

Emma Langer 70th, Jamie Shannon 75th, Izzy Seidel 77th, Andrea Ostenso 104th



The course was quite muddy in a few spots. The Gator carrying the cameras tore up a few of the corners. What a close race!


Muddy is an understatement… most of what i saw/walked on was a swamp!


Noah Jacobs, 8:55 3200m runner from Michigan, signed with the Badgers today, per Twitter.


huge recruiting class


Can’t imagine anyone has a better one than Wisco! Hopefully it all pans out.


this will definetly be top 2 in the country. probably Stanford or Oregon will find a way to be 1 but we have 3 of the top 15 in every national poll.


And a darn good 4th with the right coach.


This is a huge class. Definitely ups the ante for the next few years. Now if these guys can redshirt a year and stay together, they could challenge for a title in a few years.


I know how much weight is put on winning state titles on this site, however if you were to take a closer look at these four talented athletes Tannor Wagner has the most up side in my opinion due to the fact that he is relatively untapped. His leg speed and ability to run 4:10 / 8:57 on the track off 40-50 miles per week is very rare. With the exception of Noah’s 8:55, Tannor holds better prs on the track. Its obvious to me that Wisconsin understands the different strengths that these runners bring to their team which will not only help them in XC but also on the track from 1500-10,000 meters as well.