Wisco alums & NCAAs


First of all, my signature was getting too big so I’ll put some of the Wisconsin alums that are standing out right now in the NCAA below. You probably know who they all are, if not, click on their image and go to their directathletics profile. This is a good thing…

[URL=“http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2240960.html”] [URL=“http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2748457.html”] [URL=“http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/3273741.html”] [URL=“http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/3733722.html”] [URL=“http://www.directathletics.com/athletes/track/2252257.html”]

The preliminary rounds begin later this week. It should be fun to see how we fare. It’s certainly a different day than it was a decade ago as we have a number of athletes atop the Divison 1 ranks. Here are a few useful links:

Post predictions, links to good articles or anything that pertains to the NCAA championships and Wisconsin HS alumni.


i think it’s fair to say that the 800m in the West is loaded.


I’m rooting for that Iowa guy and rooting against the Minnesota fella


Live stats for West Preliminary…

Live stats for East Preliminary…



4 Erik Sowinski SR Iowa 1:47.12Q 2

12 Allison Woodward FR Oregon 16:17.38q

10 Elliot Krause JR Wisconsin 30:16.61Q

17 Ashley Beutler JR Wisconsin 10:29.47
20 Alexander Brill SO Wisconsin 9:02.18

No qualifications in the steeple.


2 Joe Stilin SR Princeton 14:01.37 Q 2 (2)


Wonder if Brill hit a steeple? That is 25 seconds off his seasons best.


NCAA Top Ten Predictions



Heat sheets



Elliot Krause 29:02 for 6th place in the 10K!

Levins won with an excellent kick 28:07


Gotta support Erik…takes it out hard, gets caught and boxed, gets out in the last 60m and runs 1:46.09 to win and be the #1 qualifier to finals Friday.


Results: http://www.flashresults.com/2012_Meets/outdoor/06-06-NCAADI/


Allie is looking pretty good with eight laps to go.


5th place for Allie Woodward in 32:56, All-American as a freshman.


Insane. Congrats Allie!


On the track, Woodward was a pleasant surprise with an inspired fifth-place finish in 32:56.94. She hung tough with the leaders as the top 11 distanced themselves midway through the race. Woodward stayed strong as the lead pack dropped to nine with six laps remaining.

The Green Bay, Wis., native then made a smart move not to go with the top four when the broke away with 1,000 meters remaining. That allowed her to hold her position in fifth place for the crucial four team points.

“I was really excited to get here,” said Woodward. "I thought I would let the race develop and I’m learning patience is key.

“Early on, I thought of being back at Hayward Field and bringing some of that magic here.”

Woodward’s time was the second-fastest in school history, trailing only Kathy Hayes’ 1984 school record of 32:43.81.
Incredible that she is the second-fastest in school history, especially from a university that has had such success on the track and in cross country.

Link to article

post race interview


Allie was the only freshman in the race! I am still so impressed with that performance. Not that anyone ever doubted it, but I see a bright future for her!


Sowinski is a BEAST!!! Finnish’s 2nd overall with a PR of 1:45.9


I think that puts him in the top 10 for the year (at all levels) and secures a spot for him at the [URL=“http://www.usatf.org/events/2012/OlympicTrials-TF/entry/qualifyingStandards.asp”]Olympic Trials too!


You’ve have to ask Viren…but I believe that puts him at 6th on the list. 1:46.50 is the trials A standard.


I think after this weekend its #8 or #9, very excited for the trials though!