Wilson 800 World Champion!


Neptune’s Ajee’ Wilson wins the IAAF World Youth Championships 800!!!

After the lead pack split 59.62, she made her big move on the backstretch and passed China’s Chunyu Wang, Great Britain’s Jessica Judd and California’s Amy Weissenbach with 200 meters left.

Wilson crosses in a new state record 2:02.64, bettering her mark of 2:03.17 which she posted in the semifinals.

Ajee’ literally ran away from the leaders after the final turn. Wang second in 2:03.23. Judd third in 2:03.43. Weissenbach fourth 2:03.49.

And remember, Weissenbach is the national federation high school record-holder with a 2:02.04 from the Cali state meet. Wilson just blew away a very talented field.

Here’s the link to the blog and video:


wow that is fast

what a talent


Kim Gallagher?



Fixed to specify, Joe.

Here’s my question to you, please educate me.

According to my research, Gallagher does indeed own the HS record at 2:00.07, but Weissenbach ran a ``national federation hs record’’ 2:02.04, breaking the record of 2:02.90 set by Chanelle Price of Easton Area, Pa., in 2008.

To which record shall I refer?


This is just amazing what a talent. I can’t even imagine what she would’ve ran if she didn’t get injured. I know it wasn’t like a severe injury, but still an injury none the less. Just incredible.


Personally, I do not know anyone that does not recognize Kim Gallagher as the HS record holder


The National Federation of High School records. You may find very few records that you agree with.



I know all abot that, I do not recognize the recognized marks…hahahaha


I am not a fan of the National Federation High School Track and Field Records. I refer to Jack Shepards all time lists instead they are more accurate and include marks made outside of High School only competition.

Gallagher at 2:00.07 is the “real” national record holder.


Put it this way:

Wilson’s time wouldn’t be recognized by the National Federation.

They don’t recognize her times from last summer’s World Junior Champs - so they wouldn’t recognize this one either.



Ed Grant probably won’t recognize it either but he might because it was run against others in her age group unlike Marty Liquori’s sub-4:00.


Does Ed even recognize himself anymore?




That NFHS record book is a total provincial, ahistorical joke if they disregard, for instance, Jim Ryun’s state meet 3:58.3 for a slower time in a shorter race, and won’t recognize times from the World Youth Championship, or, for that matter, national championship meets.

No wonder no one cares about it.


In their defense, why would anyone expect them to recognize a record from a meet they don’t sanction?


whats good d gordon


Nothing much, you?


She didn’t even look tired after that victory…what a talent


I guess first team all-world makes up for not making first team all-state!:wink:


Ohhh, I waited and waited, and someone else finally did it!! :smiley:

Ohh the restraint on my part, hahaha, just kidding, I understand the whys and what fors