Will Hauger get the all-time record?


Will Maria Hauger take down Wetsch’s all-time record (13:54.7)?


Be advised: Wind speeds will be 20-25mph winds from the SSW. She will not break 14:00 IMO with that wind speed.


She ran 13:56 at the start of the season by herself. As I recall, it was VERY humid that morning during the girls race. I think she can go sub 13:50 if she wants to do the work on her own. From what I have seen, she doesn’t often run just for the win…


Fxd :slight_smile: At least in MSHSL races anyways. Post-season is a different beast.


Is having at least an 8 second lead at the mile just running for the win? :wink:


Just running for the win would be having about a 1 second lead at the mile or even behind somebody. I don’t think Hauger has had a runner within 30 seconds of her this year? Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t feel like looking up results right now and going off of my memory, I just categorize her as crushing the field in every race :slight_smile:

I’m not saying she will lose the race, but I think this will be the perfect weather for Hauger to potentially lose. If she goes out by herself, she will be facing the wind all by herself and if that next group of 3-6 runners worked together as a group, they could feasibly catch and pass her in that last 1/2 mile.

Question: Is it smarter for Hauger to stick with the top 3 or so runners through the first mile and a half and make her move entering the woods or would having Hauger close to the group entering the woods be a confidence booster for those couple runners like Piepenburg/Anderson/Monson/Larson? 20+mph winds are devastating and will be a major factor in the races tomorrow.


You are correct – I read your original response wrong.


I’ve personally only seen Hauger lose once in the past year. Hamline Elite meet. Didn’t Piepenburg stay with her that race?


1600 at state, she lost to Monson.


If the record is important to her she has to go for it at least from the start, having a runner as good Piepeneberg in the field this year may provide her the best shot she ever gets at it. One of the best MN HS guys made the following paraphrased statement about the 3200 record, “you realistically only get two chances to set the state meet record, if its important to you you have to go for it, yet understand enough about yourself as runner to know when it won’t happen and just settle for the win.”

I think she’ll go for it and get it.


And the 3200m at state…


Both the 1600 and 3200 completely slipped my mind…mostly because I wasn’t there personally. I was at Hamline though.


If Hauger is able to break the record, I really do think that’ll confirm her as a top 10 runner in the U.S.

Wetsch/Grinaker/Yetzer went 7-8-14 at FLN and if she breaks the record on a very difficult day, all the more impressive.


I think from watching Hauger and Piepenburg battle over the years, the main difference is Piepenburg is more of a strategic/pacing runner which is good for track. I haven’t seen her race as much in CC as I have in track, but at Hamline and state (times when she has beaten Hauger) she has done it by knocking off incredible and even splits one after another without getting dragged into a guts race (until the finish). Hauger runs to the front and just goes all out, Piepenburg can pace like no one else in her peer group.

I think this difference is why Hauger has dominated so much in CC but not the same way in track. When you’re out in the woods and on the hills it’s easier to burn someone and then just go all out, because they can’t even see you sometimes.


Hauger moves up to US#19. With an outstanding performance tomorrow, expect Hauger to be around US#10 next week.



this reminds me why we stay on track talk

**Shakopee (Shakopee, Minn.) junior Maria Hauger is probably second only to US#4 Maria Hauger in terms of outstanding 4k performances this fall.


I lol’d at that too. Should be Molly Seidel of Wisconsin. She’ll be a fierce competitor for Hauger at FLMW and NXN if she goes there.


Hauger wins 3rd straight class AA title.


Time? other places???


I’m at “work” and can’t be there, super pissed. Saw mahler tweet that. I’m sure we’ll have updates soon. Nobody knows the official team scores quite yet. It takes a bit to get the individual runners cancelled out.