Will Bosley triple given homestead can win


3200 Friday night go for the record
Run the 1600 for the win
Run the 800 for as many points possible, clearly a shot at 3 wins
Homestead has not had a good team the last few years In both track and cross country but coach bosley has a shot at the team title this year as homestead has a legit long jumper and triple jumper (Jared Schneider) and both oak creek and Kimberly aren’t as dominant as the past. Tosa East looks strong but hard to tell at this point how they will do in a state meet setting. Mid 40s points can win state this year bosley can go for the 3200 record and still triple. Perhaps too ambitious if his aim is to have a big summer season but it’s my advice he runs just one national mile race after state and then call it quits and rest up and train for cross anyway so I think the triple may happen and would be fun to watch as I don’t recall if homestead has ever won the team title. Perhaps when they had that 800 stud I don’t remember how they did as a team. I do think if bosley breaks the 3200 record Friday night he will have a hard time beating a fresh Rowan in the 1600 day 2 anyway assuming Rowan runs only the 1600 and 800. That 1600 will be a heck of a duel too early to predict the outcome


Reminds me of when you said Neenah’s top 4 is good enough to win state before anyone really picked Neenah to win state.

Could be another GoforTheWin badge of honor in the making.


After TFA I’d have to say that Kimberly is once again the favorite. They have the capability to score three in both throwing events. It looks like they’ll score in hurdles again this year. Plus they’ll have Rowan individually and possibly in a 4x800.


I don’t think their hurdlers are high odds for points nor is their 4x800. They may have weightman score but not sure where they stand they are good not great so their actual places and points aren’t clear. Rowan is great but I don’t think Kimberly is a state winning team. Homestead could score in the 40s I don’t see Kimberly scoring over 30 even is Rowan scores 18 which would be a lot. Homestead has the top 2 miler and he should win the mile and score high in the 800. Their long jumper/triple jumper is the top triple jumper and ranked 2 in the long jump which is 18 points but I’m assuming he gets third in both or 12. That being said Waukesha north and a few other schools can do well. Need to see the 300 hurdles and discus I think before predicting the state meet but I think Kimberly only has one star and that mile will be a very crowded race even for a star


I’m interested in Waukesha North as well. Not a lot of depth but a chance to score big points at state.


With Schnoor and scherer out this triple should take place. No reason not to do this. He can always drop out of the 800 if he is exhausted from the 3200-1600 double and homestead jumper doesn’t perform. It’s true given Drew has been an amazing runner that the team success in cross and track has been underwhelming despite a very low 1 stick in cross. Winning a team state title is very doable and in this case shouldn’t interfere with the individuals goals of running very fast in the 3200 and 1600 as the 800 is just an option. If sectionals was gonna be a brutal process I would have avoided it but drew bosley can probably make state running close to 9:50 (unless a Neenah 2 miler improves dramatically outdoors) which should not be a difficult training run for Drew. Scherer and Schnoor being hurt make this killer sectional fairly easy


@Goforthewin Finally got a chance to look at the state meet schedule. You’re right. With the 3200 first, where he can go all out to get the record, the 1600 being second, and the 800 last…he may be in a position where it doesn’t matter if he wins the 800 or not. He could conceivably run to get 6th, 7th, 8th…just a few extra points for the team. If I was coaching Homestead I’d be VERY tempted to go for the triple in this situation.