WIAC Cross Country Predictions


Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

:diii-uw-eau-claire: UW-Eau Claire
:diii-uw-la-crosse: UW-La Crosse
:diii-uw-oshkosh: UW-Oshkosh
:diii-uw-platteville: UW-Platteville
:diii-uw-river-falls: UW-River Falls
:diii-uw-stevens-point: UW-Stevens Point
:diii-uw-stout: UW-Stout
:diii-uw-superior: UW-Superior
:diii-uw-whitewater: UW-Whitewater

Who you got on the Men’s side?

UW-Eau Calire and Thorson should repeat.

What about the Women?

2014 champion Laura Mead is done with eligibility. UW-La Crosse comes back with 5 of the top 7, losing their #1 Laura Mead and #5 Rebecca Zych from last year’s national team. Powell and UW-Oshkosh’s Kylee Verhasselt return as top finishers from last years WIAC conference meet.


I will wager a friendly bet with anyone that wants to that Superior won’t even bring a men’s or women’s team to WIAC


Just to clarify, my listing is in alphabetical order.

Their turnout is traditionally quite low, no?


Superior is in the UMAC for all sports except for hockey starting the 2015/16 season


I think this is kind of embarrassing for WIAC in a China-Taiwan 100 years of humiliation sense.

UW-Superior should be in the WIAC.


I agree they should be in the WIAC just because it seems weird for them not to be, but it was Superiors’ request to leave.

It mainly had to do with travel times for Superior to other WIAC schools. And it does help with travel times for the other WIAC schools now as well. We had conference CC in Superior back on 2005. I think it took 6 hours from Oshkosh to get there


for Men’s side I’m going to go out on a limb and choose LaMere to win it as an individual. Remember 2013 Jenkins won and was coming back in 2014. Barley made all conference as the top returner.

As for teams:

1.) UW-Eau Claire
2.) UW-La Crosse
3.) UW-Stevens Point
4.) UW-Oshkosh
5.) UW-Plateville
6.) UW-River Falls
7.) UW-Stout
8.) UW-Whitewater