WIAC Championship


This Saturday in Stevens Point!

On the Mens side, UW Eau Claire comes in ranked #4 in the country with UW La Crosse not far behind in the #7 spot. Should be a pretty good battle up front between them for the title. Eau Claire beat La Crosse pretty handily at their home meet in September, will we see that again this weekend?

As for individuals, it should be the Ian LaMere (UW Platteville) show from the gun. Not sure if he’ll run all out, but you probably won’t see him running behind anyone on Saturday. Other people to watch out for are Eau Claire’s Darin Lau and La Crosse’s Thomas Schultz.

I know most of the people on here will be keeping their eye on the State Meet, but what are your thoughts? Also can’t forget that the Big Ten Championship is this Sunday in Minnesota!


I’m not sure about the importance of conference championships…maybe for recruiting at the WIAC level. Byrne doesn’t seem to get too excited about the Big Ten. His focus seems to exclusively toward the last 2 races, which ended up burning last year because of no Kolas points. This year same thing again but he must feel the team is stronger. Will he try to win Bigs without Malachy?


I don’t think Malachy is out.