WIAA Indoor State Meet


I know we have the WI-TFA Meet which is basically like the state meet, but I think it would be pretty cool if there was an actual state meet. It would be set up like collegiate nationals where you have to qualify based on hitting the Auto/Provo standard, and all the events would have the same number of entries (probably like 12-16 in every event). Some events might have like 18 if there are enough Autos. Below are some standards I think are reasonable, I could be completely off on an event here or there. I think it would be a good thing to have conversions for short tracks too, like I see on these threads, I know its way harder to run a 51 on a 160 track than on a 200. I haven’t considered whether it would be a 3 Division meet or everyone fighting for “The” state title.

55 Meter Dash
Auto: 0:06.55
Provo: 0:06.70
55 Meter Hurdles
Auto: 0:07.75
Provo: 0:08.00
200 Meter Dash
Auto: 0:22.8
Provo: 0:23.5
400 Meter Dash
Auto: 0:51.5
Provo: 0:53.0
800 Meter Run
Auto: 1:59
Provo: 2:02
1600 Meter Run
Auto: 4:25
Provo: 4:32
3200 Meter Run
Auto: 9:45
Provo: 10:00
4x200 Meter Relay
Auto: 1:34.5
Provo: 1:36.0
4x400 Meter Relay
Auto: 3:32.5
Provo: 3:36.0
4x800 Meter Relay
Auto: 8:15.0
Provo: 8:30.0
Shot Put
Auto: 55’6”
Provo: 53’0”
Pole Vault
Auto: 13’8”
Provo: 13’2”
Long Jump
Auto: 22’5”
Provo: 21’2”
Triple Jump
Auto: 44’0”
Provo: 42’5”
High Jump
Auto: 6’6”
Provo: 6’4”


I really like this idea, and other states do this ( IPTT in iliniois is one good example, it’s a defacto state meet for illinois) but i don’t think it would work in wisconsin as set up now. too few wisconsin schools run indoor and those that do just do it for a couple quick prep meets not giving people enough time to work for this or qualify. outdoor however this would be an awesome idea for an outdoor meet.


I agree with you, but I just don’t see it happening any time soon in Wisconsin. Now if you get the WIAA involved with this, then that’s another story. This also brings up the question of - “Will indoor track become an official sport of the winter in the future of Wisconsin high school sports?” I think it would offer a lot of pluses, but one thing the WIAA likes or encourages is three sport athletes. Winter has one of the most popular if not the most popular sport in Wisconsin - Basketball. I don’t think enough schools could gain enough interest with a popular state sport like that in the way. When the WIAA doesn’t make it an official sport there can’t be a WIAA Indoor State Track Meet. I think the idea is a cool idea, but will it happen in Wisconsin? - I don’t think so.


Anything we can do to promote our running sports is great. The idea of working in the same fashion as the colleges is a good idea. But, as mentioned, the WIAA is not proactive in promoting the non-revenue producing sports. The real issue is having enough indoor venues to get enough participation. Anything smaller then 200 meter tracks is really not a good idea.


1 Schubert, Dan Appleton Eas 4:25.00
2 Christianson, Michael LaCrosse Aqu 4:25.00
3 McKenna, Joe Madison Edge 4:25.00
4 Hopp, Zac Muskego 4:26.00
5 McDonald, DT Oshkosh Lour 4:26.00
6 Laack-Veeder, Thor La Follette 4:26.00
7 Duley, Stephen Fond du Lac 4:27.10
8 Sandlin, Jared Port Washing 4:28.00
9 Staven, Kyle La Follette 4:29.00
10 Brusky, Weston Oconto Falls 4:29.80
11 O’Connor, Mike Muskego 4:30.00
12 Trapp, Tim Germantown 4:30.25
13 Mikkelson, Jimmy Cedarburg 4:31.00

the fast heat of the 1600 tomorrow. looks to be slower seed times than we have seen in the past but doesnt mean it wont be a good race!


A 7.20 seed for the boys 55 hurdles, eh? Can’t wait to see the results… only with the Classic 8 Conference teams could go! Speaking of which, there should be some pretty good marks from that tomorrow as well!