WIAA D1 Sectional "Banter"


It may be a bit early for this, but I’ll move from rankings to estimates on who’s coming out of Sectionals in D1 boys competition. I think the vast majority of these sectionals are pretty easy to call, but there is one in particular that is C.R.A.Z.Y.

Sectional 1 (@ Chippewa Falls): in pretty easy fashion, HUDSON wins the sectional. The real question is who else, after Onalaska jumped up and took the 2nd position last year. I’m going with LACROSSE LOGAN.

Sectional 2 (@ Stevens Point): STEVENS POINT gets easy street once again, and brings APPLETON NORTH along for the ride.

Sectional 3 (@ Manitowoc Lincoln): In a tight competition for sectional champs, KIMBERLY comes out on top just 2 points ahead of GREEN BAY PREBLE.

Sectional 4 (@ Oshkosh North): A rising WEST BEND WEST team knocks off the surprise team of the season in NEENAH for the sectional championship…but NEENAH gets the last laugh one week later.

Sectional 5 (@ Deforest): Usually this is the sectional that we are all crying over 3 ranked teams staying home, but not this year, MIDDLETON and MAD WEST breeze thru with ease, but Madison Memorial brings 3 individuals along for the ride to Rapids.

Sectional 6 (@ Beloit Memorial): Did I say CRAZY earlier? 5 ranked teams in Sun Prairie, Oconomowoc, Monona Grove, Mad Lafollette, and Craig, what is to think about this one? I guess I’m going with SUN PRAIRIE and MONONA GROVE, but really it could be any combination of the 5 teams.

Sectional 7 (@ Mukwonago): It’s really a shame that Oconomowoc isn’t competing in this sectional! ARROWHEAD runs to victory with their depth, followed by WAUKESHA NORTH in a very distant 2nd place. Hard to stomach for a team as good as Oconomowoc if they don’t get in, isn’t it. Would have been very easy for a New Berlin team, Burlington, Whitnall to stay in the less competitive South Milwaukee or Milwaukee King sectionals and have Oconomowoc in this one!

Sectional 8 (@ South Milwaukee): SOUTH MILWAUKEE may be able to rest this week and still get thru sectionals, with MARQUETTE joining them as the 2nd team out of this sectional. Some individual runners at 17:20 are going to potentially make it out of this sectional.

Sectional 9 (@ Milwaukee King): HOMESTEAD and GERMANTOWN no real debate, not even a co-op team made up of kids from 6 different schools can de-throne either of these teams.

Sectional 10 (@ Kenosha Bradford): BRADFORD is probably the sure thing, but after that ? MUSKEGO looks to be as good of a bet as any to have more red and white jersey’s running around Rapids at the end of October.

This year more than ever, there probably was a great opportunity for the 9 ranked teams in sectional 6-10 (all within an hour of each other by the way) to be dispersed across the sectionals to allow for a more competitive WIAA state meet…but…I’ll let you fill in the blanks _________________________.

The stretch run is fast approaching, will be fun to watch. Conditions permitting, could there be 5 runners below 15:30 at Rapids on October 29th? Inquiring minds want to know.


A few years back there was a fuss about separating La Follette and West. So they finally do it and here we are lopsided again. Ideally I’d like to see Oconomowoc make it to state, finish 4th or 5th with Jacques on the podium and have Arrowhead blow up as a team except for Cole Sandvold individually. Then we can really stick it to the open enrollment policies.

Below is the northwestern corner of Waukesha County which has been coined the “Lake Country” for years. There are about 15 or so significant cities and towns so it’s easy to lose track of who should go where among the four major public high schools ( Top row from L to R) - Oconomowoc, Arrowhead, Pewaukee and Kettle Moraine (bottom). Sussex is just off this map.

This is what the Lake Country Reporter said in 2013:

Source: http://archive.lakecountrynow.com/news/lakecountryreporter/openenrollment-period-begins-monday-k88hv71-189052601.html

Which I assume includes a number of students who participate at a high level in athletics. Cole Sandvold is only one of them.

If we get a sunny but cool day at the Ridges and little to no rain within the week, I think this can honestly happen. There will be a hot pace at the top with Finn, Newcomb and presumably Wagner. But then there’s the mix of other state elites with sub-4:20 / sub-9:30 PRs who have the ability to go fast.


I think this is pretty good. However, since this is D1 “Banter”, I would like to disagree with you on Sectional 7 and Sectional 9. I think Sussex Hamilton is too good to be ignored as a contender in Sectional 7. I feel that Waukesha North is the clear #3 team right now, but could certainly rise up to the #2 spot. Sectional 9 is NOT a no debater. I believe Homestead is probably a lock, but Germantown, Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee King will be in very tight battle for the #2 spot. All 3 teams will probably be within 15 points of each other on race day.


Your probably right on Sectional 9, much closer battle for 2nd spot between Gtown, WFB, and King. My money is still on the Senior Heavy Gtown team.

Homestead is a LOCK!


You can never count King out in Sectional 9. They also have a pretty heavy upperclassmen team and always seem to show up well at the sectional. They have a good top runner and a few others up near the top 10 of the sectional that could potentially edge out G’Town. No doubt Homestead is a lock. WFB could surprise but still very young and not enough experience to get there. Maybe next year for WFB after a pretty successful rebuilding year so far.


I feel I should preface this by saying that I in no way hope this happens, and it only would if one of their top 5 is indeed injured and didn’t just sit out Midwest and Stoughton, but if I were to give a “bold” prediction as far as sectionals go, it would be that Madison Memorial sneaks up on a one-short Middleton and in a shock turn of events the preseason favorite doesn’t send a full team to The Ridges, but possibly 4 individuals.

Again, I really hope this doesn’t happen, but it is a legitimately concerning how thin they are past that top 5, and I think this does become an possible scenario if there is indeed an injury.

EDIT: It is worth noting though that Middleton still beat Memorial handily at Midwest, but this is nothing more than “Banter”.


Early predictions:

Chippewa Falls

  • Teams: 1. Hudson 2. EC Memorial
  • Individual: Sam Pinkowski

Stevens Point

  • Teams: 1. Stevens Point 2. Appleton North
  • Individual: Derek Franz

Manitowoc Lincoln

  • Teams: 1. Kimberly 2. Green Bay Preble
  • Individual: Tannor Wagner

Oshkosh North

  • Teams: 1. Neenah 2. West Bend West
  • Individual: Matt Meinke


  • Teams: 1. Madison West 2. Middleton
  • Individual: Gus Newcomb

Beloit Memorial

  • Teams: 1. Oconomowoc 2. Madison La Follette
  • Individual: Finn Gessner


  • Teams: 1. Arrowhead 2. Hamilton
  • Individual: Cole Sandvold

South Milwaukee

  • Teams: 1. South Milwaukee 2. Marquette
  • Individual: Jordan Janusiak

Milwaukee King

  • Teams: 1. Homestead 2. Germantown
  • Individual: Drew Bosley

Kenosha Bradford

  • Teams: 1. Kenosha Bradford 2. Muskego
  • Individual: Ansel Fellman

It just really sucks that half the state’s top teams square off in two sectionals.


I agree that Memorials top two do not compare with Middleton and they have been falling off pretty badly after their 2nd man lately. Unless Middleton is desimated by injury or illness I think they are a lock but the Regents will still prevail. I have my order for that sectional on another thread.


Oconomowoc wins and the LaFollette Lancers get a close second. It’s tough to keep a team with such a long tradition of making state and finishing in the top 5 away from the big dance. If I had money I would not bet against LaFollette.


I just think Monona Grove came into the season hitting pretty hard. The core of that group is young and probably got ahead of themselves. Sun Prairie is very good but in the same boat as Memorial. Josh Freitag could be like another Jack Rader on a great day. We will see what everyone’s got on Saturday.


Also this again shows why any kind of seeding is better than the mess we have almost every year with loaded sectionals and then just the opposite with two teams that are not even in the top 40 teams in the state breezing through to state. Problem is all those teams in marshmallow sectionals want to keep it that way. It’s up to the WIAA to get creative and fair in the sectional assignments. If football can seed at the last minute why is it so hard to seed the CC sectionals right after conference or even the week before.


Who do you think is the first or second person Steph Hauser runs to when she needs an opinion on cross country – which she admittedly does not understand?

I guarantee Donn Behnke is on her shortlist of people. Fraternization at its finest. She was an AD at SPASH for what? 6-10 years? No doubt there’s an 8th grade math room somewhere filled with conference and sectional trophies. You don’t want to ruin that!


No disrespect to SPASH’s hall of fame coach, but seriously, their JV team could make it out of that sectional most years.


Donn wrote a great book called The Animal Keepers have you ever read it?


Are you kidding me? He wrote a book? Wow.


Watch it with the sarcasm snappy


Speaking of SPASH books to hit sales stands, I havent even read Fast Girl yet…


Does La Follette not make state as a team this year? Sun Prairie took them to town and Big 8s and Oconomowoc and Monona Grove have very capable (and deeper) squads.


I cannot confirm this but Arrowhead might be in some trouble this Saturday with both injuries and sickness with 2-3 of their guys. This is only a rumor not a fact.

I still think in the worst case scenario that if they had to bring up a few guys from JV they would be okay at sectionals. But not at state.


Simply highlighting some of @riplips insanely accurate predictions. The timestamp on his predictions was September 29th, 4:53pm, almost a month ago and well before some of the curve balls came our way. Kudos!

Sectional 3 (@ Manitowoc Lincoln):

 1. Kimberly (52)
   2. Isaac Benz           (12)  15:54.16
   3. Rowen Ellenberg      (10)  15:56.44
   8. Jack Fitzgerald      (11)  16:35.14
  14. Will Demerath        (11)  16:51.28
  25. Jesse Lambrecht      (11)  17:10.97
  42. Logan Hartman        (11)  17:56.82
  47. Eric Trempe          (11)  18:04.69

 2. Green Bay Preble (54)
   4. Nick Verheyden       (11)  16:19.93
   7. Dawson Borley        (10)  16:25.53
  10. Nick Petersen        (12)  16:44.56
  16. Tanner Conard        (11)  16:58.61
  17. Salvador Sierra      (11)  16:59.56
  30. Jesse Chervenka      (12)  17:22.86
  36. Parker Scheld        (12)  17:43.13

Sectional 3 (@ Oshkosh North):

 1. West Bend West (56)
    2.  Luke Guttormson    (11) 15:45.89 
    3.  Jaden Salinas      (12) 15:48.85
   16.  Peyton Janto       (11) 16:50.62
   17.  Alex Suelflow      (10) 16:53.74
   18.  Roman Skurek       (11) 16:55.87
   19.  Evan Patten        (12) 16:56.45
   24.  Liam Sweeney       (10) 17:12.99

 2. Neenah (60)
    5.  Jonathan Moderson  (11) 16:10.98
    6.  Matt Meinke        (10) 16:14.91
   14.  Colton Kaszuba     (12) 16:42.53
   15.  Bradley Gumtow     (12) 16:43.30
   20.  Will Newsome       (10) 17:00.55
   22.  Karsen Sherrick    (12) 17:09.13
   26.  Griffin Congdon    (10) 17:15.93
Boys Individuals:
   5.  J Rohn-Capellaro    (12)  Madison East     16:27.00
   6.  Luke Vander Meer    (12)  Madison Memorial 16:28.00
  11.  Joel Foster         (11)  Madison Memorial 16:33.00
  12.  Jonas Bietz         (12)  Madison Memorial 16:35.00
  13.  Garrett Model       (12)  Stoughton        16:35.00
 1. Sun Prairie (65)
   8. Justin Hodges        (12)  16:08.50
   9. Joseph Kehoe         (11)  16:13.30
  15. Matthew Rodenkirch   (11)  16:30.30
  16. Noah O'Neill         (12)  16:31.50
  17. Tyler Sloan          (12)  16:32.80
  24. Tyler King           (12)  16:52.60
  29. Hunter Dercks        (12)  17:03.10

 2. Monona Grove (67)
   4. Charlie Ellenbecker  (11)  15:47.30
   7. James Giftos         (10)  16:00.80
  13. Reed Anderson        (10)  16:28.50
  20. Eddie Gnewuch        (10)  16:38.60
  23. Gage Hunter          (11)  16:50.90
  34. Cade Nelson          (10)  17:13.80
  40. Carlos Gatica        (11)  17:23.80

With the Mukwonago sectional I definitely thought it was going to be Hamilton and it was their spot to lose. Waukesha North simply came in and got it done. Excellent call on the two teams coming from the Beloit Memorial sectional. Memorial nearly got a 4th through as we’ve mentioned in other threads. And excellent call on WBW knocking off Neenah. At South Milwaukee and Bradford, I don’t think the consensus of South Milwaukee-Marquette and Muskego-Bradford as the favorites was off. I just think there was a little bit of let down from each of the Marquette and Bradford teams and the teams that qualified showed up on race day which is what matters.