WI Rapids - Stevens Point area weather



These weather forecasts aren’t always right. Some of you “up there” can provide on the ground, first-hand reports. Tell us about the rain levels over the next couple of days. Feel free to add photos of the course (or the vicinity) throughout the week! We’d all like to know.


Well, according to Google I’m 22 miles from the Ridges. Here are the current conditions…:smile:

46 and cloudy right now. Looks like rain tomorrow, then dry and cool Thursday.


That picture is like picaso stuff man


Looks like it’s midnight.


Raining here since early am. Not a deluge, but steady.


Not the same widget I typically use.


Been raining all day.


@ccnoob is our live on the ground reporter with tidbits about the course, shuttles and concessions.


Dry today, but cool. Tomorrow looks beeee-u-tful. Rain likely Saturday, but not till later. Low around 50 looks like we’ll dodge frost delays.


How does the ground feel? Does it feel like it would be torn up after a race or two?


Mild, breezy and cloudy currently. I’ll ask the runners their thoughts on tear up tendencies when they get home.


Being breezy is probably a good thing today. It should take some moisture out of the ground.


“It’ll be ok for the boys races” was the consensus…


My guess is the course will be in decent conditions until any rain starts.


I’ve spent way too much time looking at forecasts today. Two forecasts currently show the rain holding out until about 4PM, with another showing rain starting about 2PM. All three show high-50’s with 7 MPH north winds.


Cloudy and mild currently. Ground in my area is still wet but not soggy. Everybody runs the same course, so it’ll be fair. I’ve got my own primary preferences and best wishes, but will wish everyone luck and safe travels tomorrow.


Meteorologists @Biff McJones and @ccnoob Malan. Need to make this a regular thing!


Weather creeping in from Ladysmith and the greater Eau Claire area.


The accuweather link suggests that rain will start in 49 minutes.


Currently overcast and beautiful. Great day for a race. Congrats to all the D3 guys