Why is Jan Ketterson not ranked number 1?


15:36.5 at Lakeville, 1st at the Rolf Mellby Invitational (over Joey Duerr) - Come on!


0/10… but to answer your question… Josh Thorson.


OK, not going to lie, as long as this isn’t serious (and this this isn’t Jan under a pseudonym)…

…THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Because Jan will fly under the radar until state, where he will beat his 400 PR in a 5k.

Or he justs flys under the radar, the lone wolf of bloomington jefferson


He ran 4:29 in practice.


Did he now? :wink:


He walked that in practice*


Jan Ketterson is a very talented runner - there is no denying that fact. Having Thorson running as well as he is right now is an barrier in his quest to be ranked number 1. Cole is going to be a tough one to crack as well for Ketterson. Thorson threw down 15:31 at ISU on what I believe is a much more challenging course last weekend. But 15:36 is impressive no matter what course you run it on! They will settle this debate come November when it really counts.



They say history repeats itself…


That is good… :slight_smile: how ironic.


I was literally waiting until after Griak to make this exact thread…guess I got beat to it.


Because Josh Thorson is number 1…


You don’t think it’s a coincidence, do you?? There’s no way.


ah yes, in hindsight this probably should have waited until after griak and the jaguar challenge…

nonetheless, it had to happen at some point!


What I always thought was impressive about jan is that he managed to redeem himself for his annoying/hilarious tomfoolery on here with his running, which is a feat accomplished by only a few dyestat jokers throughout the years. So now, free $ for everyone, I guess the pressure is officially on :wink:


So, Free $ is Sandry and he is paying Jan back… :eek:


That was my first guess. Gotta be someone who knows what went on with that thread…


I think a lot of us posters do, maybe not a lot of the viewers though…


Jake doesn’t have time to post on TT, lol


Nothing against Jan - he’s a good runner - but it looks like after Griak, we’ve got an answer.