Why aren't letsrun threads working?


It’s not just me is it? Says “unable to select database”.


because letsrun is retarded


oh it works now!


for the last few weeks(months even) the site has been down for a couple of hours over night and that message often comes up.
I have noticed some subtle changes to the message noard-the rechnical links on the bottom seem different and I got an inappropriate content message I never saw before. There was nothing inappropriate (hones!!) and the same message went thru on the resend but I figure they are tinkering with the board behind screen. I spoke to rojo a few weeks ago and he mentioned having some server issues but my eyes glaze over at the first mention of anything more complex than cut and paste!.

The deletion policy while never consistant seems to be even more strange now- I posted a Veterans Day thread and after staying up for most of the day went eradicadis poofi during the evening .
BTW of late I’m seeing more folks from here over there using the same poster name. I like that! I post as wineturtle on numerious boards (tt.net PLUG) I enjoy this best.(hoping for big point Admin rep boost :stuck_out_tongue: ) HINT HINT