Who will be the track male athlete of the year


Kenny bednaker
Jose Guzman
Drew Bosley
Rhys koch
Cordell tinch
Matt meinke
Iron sheik
James Carter
Baby hofacker
Perhaps a Kimberly hurdler or a weightman
Maybe potter or Rowan Ellenburg
Other: who and why

I think Kenny is a potential NCAA champ so will play safe and vote for him to end his senior campaign doing great things. Not worth doing this for woman Brooke jaworski could be number 1 in the country in the 800 meters before she is done


I think it’ll be Guzman. He is quite the talent. Or maybe Tinch if he puts up some major, nation leading performances.

I could see Drew Bosley running Andy Bosley times this year – 4:11/9:02 but with improving to 1:54-55 open speed. Small improvement, yes. But he opened up early and historically (and mentally) that doesnt bode well for the long term. Maybe he’ll get under 9 at a post-season meet. But that in itself wont tally votes like an outstanding 400 runner. I didnt always think so but I think the 400 is the marquee open event in track & field. Next it would be the 100. Then the 200. Then the mile. After that is the hurdles. Most spectator friendly race, however, is the 4x400 relay.


@zen interesting choice in Guzman. Great coach in David Coates. He will have to run times CLOSE to Kenny b to win and probably takes Brian jones large school 400 meter record off the books after 27 years and win the 200 large schools race as well. All possible. He may have the hunger after having a dissapointing junior year even though he won the 400 and was second at 200 but he didn’t achieve his goals for times after an amazing sophmore pr I believe he ran sub 47.5 as a sophmore. I think the 400/100/long jump/high hurdles and 4x400 have the most general appeal to track fans but the 800 and 4x800 are also exciting to the masses. The 3200 meters is not a good event in track in most meets as the 1600 is as long as track spectators can watch a race and focus or care. That being said the 3200 at state especially at night is a special event. I think it’s a good year for Bosley to focus on the 1600/800 unless he plans on running national meets (arcadia) to lockup a special scholarship. I do disagree he started early. Lots of guys nationwide already running fast times (1:47 to 4 flat) but Bosley ran just 1 cross race (that I know of) after taking “forced” time off. I think he is ok. Wisconsin starts track very late compared to the country and he will have very few hard competitive races in this state unless he moves down to the 800 or travels. He split sub 1:57 as a freshman at state. I am interested how our cross studs Bosley, Rowan, iron sheik will race at 800 this year where meinke is probably a distance specialist but also probably has a breakout year in the 1600 as well given his enormous talent.


I want both Meinke and Bosley to prove my theorem wrong here. My theorem is as follows:

If you open up your season before March and dont achieve a true mental rest in the off-season, by June you are mentally fatigued. Therefore you dont reach your physical potential.

Of course you can still be training but you need to unwind from xc and then start a new focus with a new set of goals. Too many of our greats have been exhausted by state in the recent years. This is because there are too many distractions.

Essentially you lose the hunger and extra fire by starting early. This only applies in the distances. Both these guys are young and will figure it out. I respect both of them greatly. I think last year worked out best for Bosley because his time on the sidelines inadvertently caused him to focus on the big meets. He peaked perfectly in mid-june focusing on the important stuff.

Huge fan of Finn but I think running international xc and doing both Arcadia and the IL meet exhausted his excitement last spring. By the time June came around he just wanted to be done. I know that look. He was hungry at Big Eight XC - 15:04. He was hungry at Arcadia - 8:47. He was hungry in IL -
4:12. He was physically wanting to relax by state track and trying to, first, overcome that with talent and, second, set the state meet record, once off the state meet record pace doubt kicked in. Meanwhile you had the state elites 1) a rising Pinkowski and 2) a rising Meinke making things a little more uncomfortable than usual at state. Great talent in Finn and much better than he showed at state but he is lucky to have pulled that 3200 win off given the chase pack. Pinkowksi had that 4:10/4:11 in the chamber just didnt know it yet. Had he, the results may have been different. Pinkowski was hungry.


I am in complete agreement with you Zen. I think the Scotland gig will not damage Bosley what will is if he goes big in indoor and Arcadia and then can’t hold on when it really counts in June. There is only so much juice in the batteries and if they don’t surface and recharge they will be drained by June. Just saying these are still high school kids despite their massive talent.


My gut tells me Bosley will be okay with whatever schedule he decides. I would guess having Andy guide Drew with all of his experience will be more than enough advisement to keep Drew in top form when it counts. Drew may end up doing tempo efforts or less for most of his in state races. Then, at his big races he will be ready to release the hounds! To my knowledge, I don’t recall a big race where Drew hasn’t had his A game.


I’d say Bosley is a good bet. He will most likely win the 1600 and 3200, possibly get the 3200 record if that’s what he wants to do, plus he will get a good bit of national exposure. But if you’re looking for a few other names, here you go:

Elijah Johnson (Milwaukee Washington) - Defending D1 state champ in the 100, D1 state runner-up in the 200 last year. I am aware that he is big into club track and will probably come into the season in better shape than last year. I am surprised they don’t throw him in long jump and see what he can do. Don’t know if he is good enough to compete at any national meets, but it’s possible through his club connections.

Andrew Stone (Fond du Lac) - Defending D1 state champ in the shot put, D1 state runner-up in the discus. I don’t know too much about this guy. I’d say it depends what kind of marks he puts up.

Marquez Clerveaux (Rice Lake) - Top returner in D2 for the 100 and 200. Will probably run a relay as well.

Davis Wenthe (G-E-T) - I think last year someone called him the “D2 Cordell Tinch,” 3rd in the D2 110 HH, 7th in D2 high jump, 8th in the D2 400. Impressive for a sophmore, but I think he will need to improve a lot and win some state titles to be considered.

With all due respect, I feel it will be hard for another distance runner other than Bosley to be considered, since you would basically have to top him. Perhaps if Chapman or Vannucchi were to win the distance triple or set a division record or two they would be in the conversation.


I love track but I hate to talk about it when we have a few very exciting weeks left in cross since we have time to dream over the boring cold winter but in response to the interesting posts I do think 2 other candidates for track athlete of year are Ellenburg and Potter. I can see potter winning the 400 and 800 and smashing the state record in the 800 which would be athlete of year consideration. I can also see Ellenburg winning the 800/1600 double (no 4x800 this year to deal with) and breaking the state record in the 800 and possibly winning an amazing duel with bosley in the 1600 as both of these boys may run 4:05 or better in post state meets (not a prediction but a realistic possibility). I think bosley will run 8:40s this year and it’s unlikely anyone from wisconsin can compete with him in our state in the 3200 I agree with that. Ellenburg had the tools last year but had a concentration/focus issue where he would lose contact too often and he clearly has improved as a senior so with his speed and amazing kick he will be hard to shake in the mile and should become a national elite in that race. He might be a national elite in cross it’s hard to tell will know a lot more when we see him compete against some better runners at footlocker but he is a top 30 guy for sure (I think his ownership of meinke grants him that) but he may be a top 10/15 guy in cross nationally which means he could be a top 3 guy in the 1600 nationally in track I think (as bosley could be as well) so 2 super studs. Anyway track will be fun but we have 3 cross country races to go foot locker qualifying and then 2 nationals and should have a lot of athletes to cheer for. @AnakinFavre agree Elijah Johnson could be special if he gets the right warm weather to run times that stand out