Who is the better troll?


A question for the ages…

Gonna give the nod to Avante. DiscoGary is probably better at what he does but I feel like he struggles to troll successfully outside of political matters.

Avante is a modern renaissance man!


It is really close. Most of the DG I read just seems to be somebody that was misguided growing up and has held to those opinions quite well. Instead Avante seems to have made the choice to grow up into a douche. That choice gives him the edge as the bigger troll.


I Vote Avante, pictured below in front of his 10,000 book library.


Avante. Because he makes his trolling so painfully obvious, yet people just can’t stop giving him serious responses.


You act like it’s hard to elicit a response from phrisbee.

Also, at least DiscoGary is funny.


Avante…his useless knowledge pollutes the Playground and Elite board.


I’d love to see you find a thread of mine where I’m obviously trolling? You lied about Letsrun and you know it. Show me a troll thread of mine at Letsrun? I’ll do 90 days self bannishment of you can.

Why do I get this feeling I started this, hahahaha!!!

You keep confusing me with that punk Perriot.

Prove your point, you can’t do it.


So you care nothing about the history of things.


Watch how everyone ignores this…

Show me a thread where I’m obviously trolling?


Add glasses and this guy actually looks like wineturtle- except WiT hair is not quite that long and his manicure is much better.


90 days off self bannishment if anyone can show me an Avante thread only there for trolling purposes?

Good luck!!!


What happened?




Voted DG because he’s also funny. I appreciate funny.


Texas, Brutal, Avante, Tampa Red, DaVonn, Trojan, whatever. It’s not so much the trolling as the need to constantly make long lists of people who are long since dead.


That is not trolling, I was looking to talk music…obviously!!!

There are no threads of mine here to troll.


We do have choices in what we read, right? What trolling? Show me.

Tampa Red? DaVonn? Trojan?



Million Dollar Babe has a point- I do look a little like ^ photo



Still waiting to see a thread of me trolling. Where is it?


avante is the king of untrolling, bow down or be untrolled ye untrolling heathens