Who is next in line if Symmonds doesn't get to go to Beijing?


IAAF entry standards:

Entry standards - IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2015.pdf (121.1 KB)

2015 US 800 Meter leaders

USATF results:

                 USATF Championships - 6/25/2015 to 6/28/2015                  
                      Hayward Field, Eugene, Ore.                          

    Men 800 Meter Run SR
     Top 3 + next 4 fastest to semis
     Semis: Top 4 each semi to final
           World: W 1:40.91  8/24/2012   David Rudisha, KEN                        
         Hayward:   1:43.5h  6/8/1974    Rich Wohlhuter, USA                       
        American: A 1:42.60  8/28/1985   Johnny Gray, Santa Monica TC              
            Meet: M 1:42.80  1992        Johnny Gray, Santa Monica TC              
        Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
    Section  1 Finals
      1 Nicholas Symmonds            BROOKS Beasts          1:44.53  
      2 Erik Sowinski                NIKE                   1:44.84  
      3 Casimir Loxsom               Brooks                 1:45.35  
      4 Clayton Murphy               Akron                  1:45.59  
      5 Ryan Martin                  ASICS                  1:46.04  
      6 Shaquille Walker             B Y U                  1:46.60  
      7 Michael Rutt                 Hoka / N J N Y         1:48.75  
      8 Duane Solomon Jr             Saucony                3:08.74


Clayton Murphy said

JF: “How/when did you hear about the Nick Symmonds controversy and what were your initial thoughts, if any? I read somewhere that you had never left the country before Pan Ams, how would you feel about traveling to China?
CM: “I don’t really want to go to much into it other than I would be honored if the spot opened up for me to go to China but I think and hope Nick works things out with USATF so he can go as he earned and deserves the right to go.”


Whelp. That didn’t go as planned.

Seriously what a year for Murphy. Assuming he goes, how exciting and what an opportunity.

Interestingly he is the type of runner who could do ok in rounds if they are relatively slow. He’s got a solid finish. Difficult to guess how much is in the tank at this point.

Good example of its always a good idea to finish fast even if you’re in 4th?


I wonder if Murphy did not press Martin in the NACAC final, letting him have the win and giving him a WC auto Q time so if injury or something drops another Martin gets to go. Murphys statement above is either well thought out and a credit to him or off the cuff ‘the way he thinks’ and also an indication of the kind of man he is.
Wish him well