Which is worse #2

  1. A girl who smokes cigarettes
  2. A girl who who is terrible in bed (or bad kisser/Knob Slobber etc.)
  3. A girl who has completely annoying friends who are around all the time
  4. A girl who cannot hold their liquor
  5. A girl who has cheated on boyfriends in the past

Assume that you are dating or wanting to date or trying to bang said girl.

If you lack a penis, or are gay, insert guy for girl in the above options.


undecided between annoying friends and cheated in past. Went with cheating though it would be harder for me to say with a girl with annoying friends


This is tough for me.

The liquor is probably the least “worse” for me, but always having to worry about a chick is annoying. I don’t really care if a chick smokes if I am looking for a one night stand, but dating wise I wouldn’t be too keen on it.

Lack of sexual chemistry was a problem for me recently. I hated that it was a big deal, but it is a huge part of a relationship for some people and I want to make babies someday. Annoying friends are absolutely terrible. But, not that I am older I think friends aren’t around AS much as they are in college. But, still would I really want to put up with / hang around people who suck…and if my gal is friends with them will she eventually become annoying as well or get bogged down by their BS.

I haven’t stayed faithful to anyone in years, so do I really have the right to judge them. I think I will change when the person is right so should I give them the benefit of the doubt? At the same time, if they have a history it’s for a reason and how much should I invest in right away…



I can’t stand a bad kisser. Every girl has annoying friends, it just comes with the territory


What is wrong with a knob slobbler?

Bad in bed/bad sexual chemistry is disappointing.


Nothing…unless they are a bad knob slobber which is what I meant.


I don’t understand how someone can be a bad kisser beyond high school. You’d think someone would have the common courtesy to sit down and say “Hey, you suck. Here’s a better approach” by then. Which I have done once.


I’m not sure how I didn’t make that connection.

  1. There’s obvisouly a limit here.
  2. I can live with this I guess.
  3. When you’re going out you can just get hammered. At all other times you can avoid them.
  4. The ones that just pass out are ok I guess, but girls that can’t hold their liquor have the capacity to do all of these things on this list and are hella annoying.
  5. I can deal with it until as long as it doesn’t happen to me.


worst for me would be a girl who smokes…without a doubt. i would not kiss a girl whose mouth tastes like ass


I just realized the thread should say which is the worst.


Change to boy so jbf can vote


My ex had really annoying friends and none of them liked me and I hated it. I love my current girlfriend’s friends and I don’t think I could ever date somebody who had annoying friends that were around all the time again. Voted accordingly.


I don’t think I could ever date someone who smoked. Even if it was Jessica Alba.


voted cheating. Smoking used to be a major thing for me, but living in asia has desensitized me a bit to that. My new gf smokes (although attempting to quit) and i still date her haha.


anyone who says smoking is closed minded or inexperienced honestly.

i think this is alcohol. a girl who pukes every time is super annoying, but not as bad as the girl who gets drunk and then just starts major drama/gets overly emotional/causes a fight. those girls are the worst.


For once we actually agree. I would judge a smoker just by how terribly unhealthy and grotesque it is, but kissing them doesn’t ‘taste’ any different.


LOL at being close minded if you don’t like smoking. Do you enjoy bad breathe? I couldn’t give too ****s about second hand smoke, the smell and taste are just not enjoyable. It wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker in the short run for me, but even when I was insanely drunk and making out with a hot chick, I still was a little put off by it.


its not about liking smoking, its about smoking being less bad than the other choices basically. i don’t enjoy the smell of cigarettes particularly either, but if thats the worst flaw I have to deal with, then it could be so much worse.


I just find smoking really unattractive so voted accordingly. Most girls have annoying friends/can’t hold their liquor so this doesn’t bother me as much. Bad in bed is the second worst. If she cheated in the past it doesn’t matter to if i’m trying to get with her.