Which Beast Shall I Race!?!?


I have seen a massive increase in my speed after the barbecue sauce injections began two months ago, its so smokey and terrifying. Animals can’t seem to get enogh of me, and i often find myself mauling them before they get the chance to maul me. I have decided to use my saucy speed for good, and race (then battle) a wild beast. Any suggestions? Let it be known that I am not above any challenge and will give no mercy, for i know none will be recieved.


Grizzly Bears are mighty beasts, and gracious. i often share my tent with them when camping. They will chase you for your flavor, stay deliciously fast BBQDriggs


One time I raced a kangaroo. We roamed the Australian outback for days, resting only to watch sunrises and fight each other. Those two months made me the man I am.