Where's the good Olympics coverage for US viewers?


The kind that doesn’t go first lap-commericial-last lap for a 5k. The kind that doesn’t give us 5 boring repeats of the 100m one immediately after the other, so it gets more time than a 1500 does.


you mean good olympic coverage for distance running nerds that happen to care about the niche events? Good luck finding that on american TV, the brits might have something. What the american public wants to see and what tracktalk wants to see do not always agree.


Is this a rhetorical question or…?


There are probably online streams you can get, honestly NBC is apparently showing an insane amount of coverage online, but I don’t know if it will necessarily be live. Have to check into that.


Not entirely rhetorical. There are web or youtube resources I probably don’t know about.


Live isn’t as important as watching the whole race.


Good luck. I’m not going to hold my breath.


Almost 1/3 of a million live minutes