What's your job?


What’s your job and what do you do people of tracktalk?




I’m a corporate monkey.
It pays well, and the ladies dig it… But I don’t get a ton of free time, and I wonder if what I do actually makes a difference in the world.

And I look back through my life and wonder where the hell I went wrong.


after running several small businesses I went back to a stable job with benefits for my last few years before retirement. Much less risky and I can make definitive plans for a comfortable retirement. Currently, I develop training programs for the power company.

Funny how priorities and perspectives change as well age.


High school math teacher and boys cross-country/track coach.


Fixed for me


professional internet forum poster

doesn’t pay well but my influence is unprecedented


Currently full-time student athlete, but over the summer I’ll get to boss around counselors at my local day camp :smiley:


Substitute teacher. I like it, but it doesn’t pay enough and I want a classroom of my own. I’m licensed to teach history.


stock market/economic research for a small investment management firm. good flexibility for race travels. good pay. equity in the firm. pretty pleased with the current situation. if only my girlfriend didn’t live in vancouver…


I make really little molecules.


Currently doing all of the work for residents in various medical specialties.

Next year I’ll be taking a break from school to go to more school to get a master’s degree.


As opposed to really big molecules?


Currently between odd jobs to pay off student loans.

Eventually I’ll get my head out of my ass and actually make an effort to get my foot in the door as a coach.


Yeah, it was a joke.

Although, fun fact: a rubber band is [usually] one gigantic molecule.


Huh, that’s pretty cool. I was playing along with the joke a bit.

In actuality though, I’m currently a student-athlete, minus the athlete, studying politics, economics, and international relations.




I am currently getting my masters and will hopefully get a doctorate (in theology) next. I work 20 hours a week as a server at a restaurant to pay the bills for my little family (wife and 3 month old son). We live in Philadelphia and fortunately the cost of living is not too bad. Maybe Scotland for PhD studies.


I do IT for an athletic department. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out which school. The seats I am required to sit in for games would cost more than my (reasonable) salary, though not being allowed to cheer outwardly sucks sometimes.