What's Your Flappy Bird High Score?


I’m at 62

My friend is at 118

Help :eek:




I respect that so much, honestly.


Never played, probably never will. But a friend of mine is at 317 last time I checked.




I tried it, thought it was stupid, and deleted it.


So it’s just a game like angry birds or something? I was wondering why I was seeing so much internet rage about Flappy Bird.


Wow I suck at this game. Must have gone through about 50 birds and I never got past the second pipe. Deleted.




Well that was short lived, the developer claims to be taking the game down tomorrow. He say’s it’s not legally related but I am sure the long arm of Nintnedo has reached out to him and forced his hand since this game is essentially a ripoff of Super Mario Bros.




Well, I figured I’d pick it up this weekend to see what all the hype is (soon to be was??) about. Pretty fun and simple game. I love really simple concepts that are executed flawlessly.

Current best is 90. Probably not gonna do much better than that.





13 on my phone and 16 on my iPad. I would spend more time improving those but I just brought my 3DS to school from home so all time not spent running, studying, or eating is going to Pokemon Y.


I have Pokemon X!! PM me your friend code.