What was your workout? (continued)


Those side stitches are the worst. I was getting some last week. Wish I could never get one again.

Ran 10x90s/90s (5k/MP) efforts. Ended up with 4.75mi over the 30 minutes. Pretty happy with the effort.


Yikes… I wish. I’d really be ready to roll.


16 miles on saturday w/ 3300ft climbing. muir woods authorities finally put the bridge back in so i got my first true time trial on the big climb on dipsea. hit 17:10 for it which is the fastest i’ve run in a couple years, so i was quite pleased. thinking i might squeak under 17:00 in the next couple weeks, but who knows. either way, i’m in good shape and excited for the race in about a month.

14 miles pretty flat and chill on sunday for 72 on the week. staying consistent. and added bonus, the left leg issue seems to be improving. saw my PT twice last week and been diligent in stretching/rolling so hopefully that continues to improve.


3 mile warmup
5 x mile w/ half time rest: 5:14 (headwind), 4:51 (slightly less headwind), 4:49, 4:45, 4:47 all with tailwind
4 mile cooldown
happy with how this went considering i’m definitely fighting something off. wasn’t particularly motivated or feeling good heading into it.


Great splits after that first headwind. Must have been a heck of a wind.

Nothing too involved this week. Just 4 runs and 1 treadmill “hike”. Two sessions of 8x30s all out, taking the first 5 seconds to get up to speed. Two 2 hour runs with 4x20s all out in the beginning. And then one treadmill fast walk for 30 minutes at 12-15% incline. Oh and one general strength weight session.

I would say the treadmill walk was the hardest workout this week haha.

Next 3 weeks starts more stamina focused training.


Spent most of freshman year injured. Training for cross now and getting back into the swing of things. 14 hilly miles going 7:30->5:45 pace throughout. Happy to be training again.


@npurdy1112 hahaha thanks. judging by how much slower it is than the rest of the reps (not the first time this has happened), i’m starting to think i might just be lazy/not warmed up enough yet on that first interval. but yes, the section that rep is generally run on is quite exposed.

second workout of the week was the big climb on dipsea. hit 17:35, so definitely slower than i’d hoped and punished myself a bit more by adding on a bonus section of hill (about 2 mins w/ 200ft vert). total run was 15 miles w/ around 3000ft climbing.

65 on the week.


back on the big Dipsea climb yesterday. felt really, really good and ended up setting a new PR for the climb at 16:42. moved really well on the flats. it’s kind of funny to me - each time i do it, i notice that as i’m moving up the climb i have a better idea of how the rest of it is going to go. not dissimilar from road/track workouts, but still i notice that if it’s going well, i become increasingly confident that the rest of it will be good in a way that’s not quite as evident with road/track workouts when i’m running them. in any case, quite pleased with the result.

next up: bay to breakers 12k on sunday. first time ever running the race not in a centipede. will probably feel quite lonely :stuck_out_tongue: