What was your workout? (continued)


Tuesday’s workout:
2 miles up

4x(400, 400 jog, 200, 200 walk, 200) 3.5 min jog rest
59/32(oops)/26, 59/28/27, 57/29/28, 58/28/26

3 miles cooldown

Lots of speed. Lots of rest… Messed up one 200. This was much better than I ran this workout last year though apart from that 1st 200. Feeling strong and fit. Excited for outdoor.


That’s a really good workout. Are you going to incorporate any longer threshold type intervals: 1k, 800m, etc?



I have to beg my coach to do 800s. He’s very into specific race pace work, so we’ve done a few more workouts with longer intervals but most of my hard aerobic stuff comes from the occasional tempo. We race next week, so I may try and get him to let me do something longer the following week.


2 mile up

4x400 with 2.5 min res (jogged ~400)— 62, 63, 62, 63
4x300 with 2.5 rest — 43, 43, 43, 43
3x200 with 2 min rest (jogged ~200) — 28, 28, 27

3 mile down

Pretty windy on the track today. Made the 4s and 3s tougher. Decent day today. Didn’t feel great.


10 mile run in new wear testers. second version of this shoe that i’ve worn and man, it’s amazing.
wasn’t sure if i was gonna pick it up at all in the middle, but felt pretty good when i got a tailwind on the way back home, so added 4 miles around steady state (6:07, 5:51, 5:37, 5:42). was still making up my mind on the first one hahaha, but once i got into it felt really, really smooth and controlled.

legs felt quite good. didn’t go into the well very much at all this past saturday at the 50k, so it’s nice to feel good so soon afterwards. but it was still a big effort so i’ve gotta be diligent in making sure i’m recovered before starting dipsea training in earnest. headed to santa cruz for a couple days next week for my wife’s bday so will be nice and chill.


came down with a lovely stomach bug on sunday that took me out until yesterday. ready to be back at it again today. and ready to be healthy for longer than a week…


12 mile run with 5 x mile intervals in the middle (2 mins rest): 5:00, 5:01, 5:00, 4:58, 5:11 (hill).
felt stronger than a couple weeks ago. dialed it back a tiny bit in an effort to not fade like i did and it seemed to work. but i did roll the crap out of my right ankle right before the final interval, so that wasn’t ideal. might have to take today off as it’s pretty swollen and stiff but hopefully nothing too bad… freaking consistency (or rather lack thereof) is killing me this year. of course, i would have save myself some headache if i’d just pay attention to the curbs when crossing the street…

update as of 4/1:
only ran a total of 5 miles between weds/thurs due to ankle. it felt remarkably good on wednesday but didn’t want to push it so only ran 2. then 3 on thurs due to time constraints
10 miles chill on friday
12 miles on saturday w/ 2400 ft vert and a 19 minute uphill hammerfest in the middle
13 miles on saturday very flat at 6:05 pace
ended up with 52 on the week. not bad for basically only 4 days of running.

update as of 4/3:
3 mile warmup
1-1-2-1 x mile with 2 mins rest per mile run
first one was 5:11. i’m blaming the headwind.
then 4:59, 9:56, 4:48
3.5 mile cooldown

quite pleased with how this one went. felt better than last week.

also someone please reply to this thread so i can stop updating my previous post.


Ill reply for you. Just because haha.

30 minute warm up
4x5min at 5k effort with 4 min jog
18 minute cool down

5k efforts at 603, 600, 551, and 548 pace.

I am almost 2.5 years post achilles surgery and about a year back to running. Started with one mile runs every 3rd day around 12 min pace. Feels good to be doing some “faster” stuff finally.


4/12: dipsea training has started. 3rd week i’ve hit the big climb hard. went best it has so far. earlier in the week did 1-2-1-2-1-2 x kilometer with half time rest on the roads. averaged 4:56 across all reps.

4/13: 16 mile long run on saturday w/ 3100ft climbing followed by 12 @ 6:08 pace on sunday 4/14 feeling controlled. 76 on the week for the biggest week in a while.

4/16: 2 mile warmup
1 mile: 4:58, 2 mins rest, 1.5 miles: 7:29 (4:57 pace), 3 mins rest, 2 miles: 9:58 (4:59 pace), 4 mins rest, 2 x 1200 w/ 2 mins rest: 3:35 (4:47 pace), 3:33 (4:43 pace)
1 mile cooldown (crunched for time)


You’re really getting fit! 1st and 3rd are extremely noteworthy! It would be interesting for you to do a track/road 10k after your Dipsea race.


im racing a road 12k in mid-may. then dipsea then building for OCC at the end of august after a small window of time off. looking forward to running the 12k as fast as i can. have a buddy i’m going to run with who recently ran a 10 miler at 5:04 pace so we’ll see if i can hang with him.

hit 75 miles this past week, had a really good workout on the big climb in dipsea and then continued on for another 15 miles for 20 total and 3800ft climbing. back on saturday for 12 miles with 2200ft climbing and then 13 on sunday flat at 6:20 pace feeling quite relaxed. gotta keep being consistent! it’s paying off.


I know I haven’t been on here for a while so I’m glad to be back. After indoor I had 2 really great weeks of training, then I strained my glute following a hard track session. So I had to take about 3 weeks off and cross train. Not at all what I was hoping for this season. Two weeks ago I got my first week of running in at 43 miles and hit a single workout, a 4 mile tempo at 4:48 pace. Last week I hit 51 and hit 3 pretty mediocre workouts: 4x1000 in 3:05, 4x600 in 1:42, 4 mile tempo at 4:39 followed by 2x600 in 1:41. I was glad to be running again and knew I was there aerobically, but I was a little worried about how much of a 1500 I could muster over the next month of the regular season because none of these felt very good.

Today was a good day though and here is my workout.

2 mile warmup
6x400 with 2.5 rest: 63, 63, 62, 62, 62, 62
3x200 with 2 rest: 29, 28, 29
2 miles down

Nothing crazy and a decent amount of rest, but I felt very relaxed the whole time, which I could not say about last weeks 600s that were much slower. Still have some tightness all around in my hip and hamstring area, but it felt good to run a little faster today. Still work to be done, but we’re headed in the right direction.


6 x mile repeats last night. first half mile of each interval was uphill then second half downhill to simulate bay to breakers course. half time rest, usually around 3 mins. rushed for time so warmup and cool down were short but got 10 on the day with 3400ft climbing.


You should be greatly encouraged by a 4 mile tempo at 4.39 pace.