What was your workout? (continued)


Friday: DMR 1600 anchor leg, 4:17.8 for 2nd in 10:18. Came from about 4-5 seconds behind and went out in 29 for the first 200 to make up ground. Made my way back to the leader and subsequently was outkicked in the final 200.

Saturday: 4:23 mile for 2nd. Not my best day and got dropped early by the leader who ran 4:15. Was hoping liked to go sub 4:20 at least.

2 mile WU
2x1000 — 2:59, 2:58
3x(300, 100 walk, 200) — 45/27.8, 42.3/27.5, 43.5/26.9
2 mile CD

Slow first 300, otherwise a great workout. Looking for a sub 4:19 this Saturday in the mile.


where’d you run the DMR? a college buddy of mine ran the mile leg of his DMR for brooklyn track club at the armory i think. just wondering if y’all were in the same race.


I was running on a flat 200 meter track in the middle of the Midwest, not quite the armory unfortunately.


Ran 4:21 for the mile this weekend. Hit the NAIA qualifying standard, but still wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. It wasn’t a very competitive field and I had to run the last 1000 solo after a teammate/pacer dropped. Ended up lapping 5 or 6 people the final lap. I’m glad I’m at least starting to feel like myself again this season after a rough December and January, so I’m looking forward to a DMR, 1 mile double at NAIAs in two weeks.


after missing basically all of last week due to illness (and having to pull out of the USATF 50k trail national championships this past saturday as a result), i finally got out on saturday for a few miles. lots of coughing. lots of phlegm but nice to get outside after being unable to do so all week. sunday hit 10 miles and monday hit 12 miles. felt decent but not great. hoping to be able to get back into it this week. signed up for another 50k on march 9 to make up for the missed race.


Hate to hear that. Hope you’re feeling better.


Had a solid workout today.
2 miles up
2x600 – 1:36, 1:36 with 3 min recovery
3x400 – 60, 60, 60 with 3 min recovery
3x200 – 27, 27, 26 with 2 min recovery
2 miles down

Finally starting to feel smooth at all of these paces. I probably could have done a couple more 200s which was a nice feeling.


0C and poir fotting from the snow. Done continuous on the treadmill after my hospital shift:

3k warmup@ 3.55/k
5x (2k@ 6.15/ 1k@ 4.14)
3k warmdown@ 4.00/k

Felt very badly. I did 150 minutes on my nordic skis two days ago, and my legs are still tired. I’m certainly not @afv .


lungs felt better than anticipated yesterday. was thinking of doing a 4 mile tempo to dip the toe back in but decided to split it into 2 x 2 miles w/ 3 mins rest. went 10:48 (5:30/5:18), 10:15 (5:07/5:07). first interval was decidedly awkward and into a headwind but found the groove a bit on the second half of it. second interval was with a tailwind and clearly much better. nice little confidence booster after the second week-long setback of the year.

signed up for a local 50k on march 9 to replace the one i missed this past weekend.


Nice little tune-up workout yesterday.

3 mile warm-up
2x600 w/ ~5.5 minutes rest — 1:30, 1:31
2x300 w/ 300 jog rest — 41.7, 42.6
2 mile cool down

Felt smooth and in control. Hit that first 300 a little quick, otherwise I didn’t feel like I had to work too hard.


friday: 11 miles w/ 3 x 12mins tempo w/ 4mins rest. first two intervals were uphill, climbed ~550ft. covered 1.75 miles in the first one (6:51 pace) and 1.85 miles in the second one (6:29 pace) then 2.45 miles on the final one, downhill (4:53 pace). basically all done on fire roads.
saturday: 10 easy
sunday: 24 w/ 5300ft climbing in 3.5 hours.

82 on the week. first time at 80 since april i think…


1.5 mile up
3x500 — 1:19, 1:18, 1:18 w/ 3 min rest
2x300 — 43, 43 w/ 2.5 min rest
2 miles down

Tune-up before a big meet this week.


First time at 60 sec pace for many months.
3k warmup
8x200@ 29.5 with 100m jog recovery
2k warmdown



3 mile warmup
7 mile tempo averaging 5:14
2 mile cooldown

Felt solid. Quite pleased with it - overall feeling a bit fatigued heading into the workout and wasn’t sure what exactly I was gonna do for the fast running portion. Mentally was ready for 5:20-5:30s, so this is a big upside surprise.


Long post ahead as I try to chronicle the last 3 days of competition.

Thursday: National DMR semifinals- finished 7th to qualify for the final. Almost botched the handoff, pretty much had to come to a full stop to grab it. We were in heat 2 of 2 though and still in position to qualify fairly easily. Split 4:20 on the anchor in no mans land to get us into the final and 4th in the heat.

Friday: Mile semifinal- I was in heat 1 of 2 and thankfully someone made sure the pace was decently fast. There’s always 2 moves in these mile races, 1 at 800 or 900 and 1 at 400 or 500. I covered the first one well, the leaders got away a little on the second one but I was able to outkick 1 guy for 4th in the heat in a 4:18 SB which was enough to make the final.

Saturday: Mile Final- 10 made the final and top 8 score and go all-American. I knew I wasn’t one of the top guys in the field, but I needed to be able to cover those two moves well enough to keep myself in a position to outkick a couple guys to score. Covered the first move we’ll and the second just well enough. I was sitting in 8th most of the race until someone passed me with 600 to go, but he didn’t look comfortable. Outkicked him and ran one more down at the line for 7th place in 4:16 PR to earn my first individual NAIA all American.

DMR Final- I made it 3 races in 3 days without feeling fatigued and running a little faster each day, but 4 miles in 3 days is a tall task. Our 800 leg had a huge run splitting 1:53.0 to take us from 7th to 5th. I got the baton in 5th a little too far behind a fresh anchor in 4th and pretty far out of 3rd. Didn’t have the legs to make a big move and catch them. But I held off everyone else and split 4:22ish for 10:17 and 5th place. 2nd All-America of the weekend and 3rd ever.

Obviously the relay was awesome and I’m very proud of that team. However, the really special part about this meet was the individual mile all-American and PR. This is my last season of collegiate running and I’ve wanted that result for a long time. It just feels great to know everything was worth it and paid off. The lack of regret I know I would have felt had I finished 9th again is relieving. Just another reminder of why I love this sport.


Well done!!! The feeling of fulfilling a goal and dream is something beyond words. I can easily say that all of us here are very proud of you!


1.5 mile up
6 mile tempo at 5:40 avg
1.5 mile cooldown


3+ mile warmup, 4 x mile w/ 2 mins rest: 4:56, 4:55, 4:59, 5:13 (last 0.2 uphill but was fading before that to around 5:10 pace). 3 mile cooldown. did these on roads and some hard packed dirt with all sorts of head/tail/crosswinds. pretty happy with it.

low-key 50k on Saturday to make up for the one i missed a couple weeks ago.


2 miles up
2 x 800, 2.5 jog, 400, 3 rest — 2:12/60, 2:13/60
2x 300, 2.5 jog, 200, 2 rest — 43/28, 43/28
4 miles down

Loved this workout. The 8a and 4s made the 2s and 3s tough. First workout outside which makes it a little tougher too. Getting back to work this week getting lots of mileage. Hoping for a big 1500 PR in a couple weeks.


ran a local trail 50k on saturday. watch GPS had 29 miles which is pretty standard. usually get 29-30 miles for a trail 50k. time was 3:36. weather was bad. wind and rain for most of it paired with some rather muddy trails. didn’t go very deep in the well - ate 4 Gu’s and 1.5L water. next closest person was 24 minutes back at the finish, so i didn’t need to really push. legs felt solid. quite pleased with the effort but am bummed i couldnt race FOURmidable a few weeks back because i feel like i could have done pretty well there. oh well…