What was your workout? (continued)


thanks! funny thing is i finished cross country feeling like i was just starting to get fit, so i’m trying to carry it through into 2019.


bad news. towards the end of my run yesterday, i was crossing a street and extended my stride a bit to get up over a curb. instead of my calf springing me up/over it as usual, it gave out and i felt a pop. i think it’s my soleus (rather than the big ol’ gastrocnemius) as it doesn’t hurt to do calf raises but it does hurt to walk heel-to-toe. bummed since things were starting to click it felt like but hopefully it won’t be too long of a setback since soleus is more of a secondary muscle…


Hit one of my favorite workouts this week. 5 sets of 400, 45 sec rest, 200. 3 minute jog between sets. Averaged 63 for the 400s and 29 for the 200s. Working out on the flat indoor track isn’t my favorite but it’s good to run fast again.


Consider discussing this with a podiatrist regarding how recovery might be expedited.


seeing my PT today. it’s improved considerably over the weekend with ice and rest.


It has been said that we live in the most amazing machine ever made. With proper rest and nutrition, it heals itself.


-8C and snowing here in Oslo. 15k done on treadmill in continuous fashion:

2k@ 3.45/k
3k@ 3.07/k
1k@ 3.55/k
3k@ 3.07/k
1k@ 3.55/k
3k@ 3.07/k
2k@ 3.45/k

Hard effort for which I was happy to enjoy indoors!


2 mile WU
4 mile tempo @5:40 pace
2x800 w/ 2.5 min rest—2:14, 2:10
2 mile cool down

This was a new one that coach threw at us. Tempo was smooth and not too long. 800s felt easy. Big confidence boost today.


4 miles easy to test out the leg after 6 days off. felt pretty solid. alternated between feeling it (but not in a painful way) and not feeling it at all. headed to portland this weekend so will likely just keep it fairly chill around the riverwalk. might venture up in to the rose garden/wildwood/pittock mansion if i’m feeling adventurous. would like to be able to start back into workouts next week. only 4 weeks until FOURmidable 50k.


Hard run on treadmill today done continuous:

2k@ 3.45/k
5x (2k/1k)@ 6.15/3.45
2k@ 3.45/k

Felt much stronger than I have in quite some time.


first workout back from the soleus issue. ran a few days without any pain before attempting this.
done during a 12 mile continuous road run:
3 mile warmup
3 x 2 mile @ 10:06 w/ 3 mins rest
2+ mile cooldown

really pleased with the way this went. was a little worried considering i’d taken 2 weeks off from hard running so this was a nice confidence booster.

followed it up with a 26 mile long run w/ 4000ft climbing on saturday. bonked hard the last 4 miles. needed 2 Gu’s to get home hahaha

64 on the week


2 mile warmup
6 x 3 minute hills w/ jog back down rest (probably around 3:05 average)
5 mile cooldown
12 on the day. been a while since i’ve done a specific hill session like that. definitely felt it.


13 miles at 6:20 pace pretty chill on saturday
21 mile “warmup” on sunday w/ 2000ft climbing followed by local super bowl race/run which was 6.75 miles w/ 1100ft climbing. felt pretty solid, only 25 seconds slower than last year when i was dealing with the achilles issue. pretty pleased with the effort. 73 miles on the week. 2 weeks until FOURmidable 50k.


Hard workout after leaving the hospital after rounds this morning.
-9C and snowing so done continuous on treadmill:

2k warmup@ 5.00/k
12x (1k@3.07 steady+ 200m easy recovery@ 53sec)
2k warmdown@ 5.00/k



Pretty excited about my workout today. I think it’s the first one I actually did faster than last year. I’ve been struggling with some shin stuff and just not feeling as quick or smooth as I have in the past this early. I’ve had to do a lot more leading of the speed reps, whereas I’ve had more help on those in the past.

2 miles up
500 — 1:19 — 3 min jog
5x300 — 42.6, 43.6, 43.6, 43.3, 43.1 — 2.5 min rest
3x200 — 27.3, 27.9, 27.1 — 2 min rest
2.5 miles down
Post-workout lift (This is something new we’re trying this year. Building some power for the legs on workout days.)


I think it’s such a great thing to do workouts like this, especially for younger guys. Meaning, starting out with a 500 at close to goal 1500m pace then beginning anaerobic work surely callouses the system to prepare you to run fast while tired. I think it is also good for the head. Excellent session!



2.5 mile warmup
3 x 2 miles at 10:10, 10:32, 10:38 w/ 2.5 mins rest
3 mile cooldown

goal was to run them all closer to the 5:05 pace of the first one, but i faded pretty hard in the second one and decided to just dial the third one back a bit (closed hard the last quarter mile). a bit disappointed, but i did spend all day wednesday and thursday at home with a sick kid, so that probably had something to do with it. oh well, they can’t all go the way you want. on to the next one.


Don’t be discouraged. I’d say a hard race after a 22 mile “warmup” has something to do with it.


15 miles w/ 2500ft climbing on saturday
16 miles flat w/ 5 miles averaging 5:19 from miles 10 to 15 into a lovely headwind
61 on the week
hoping i’m not coming down with what my daughter has the week before the 50k but not much i can do about it except get some sleep. we’ll see how the week progresses.


home sick in bed yesterday and today with what seems to be the flu. uncertain as to whether or not i’ll be able to race on saturday at the USATF 50k trail national championships up in auburn. little bummed, but not hugely. if the weather stays rainy i may very well not race - don’t want to extend this sickness another week by racing in the rain for 3-4 hours.