What was your workout? (continued)


Cold tonight at -7C. Done continuous on measured path:

4k@ 3.55/k then
8x (1k@ 3.07/400@ 1:40)


*Note: have you seen one of our own here training with Holusa and Lewandowski? Well done @bertebob !


@GThorvald I meet them every year to train with them for several weeks! This time we flew around the world to escape the European Winter but we are having snow here in New Zealand as well …


Brilliant! Perhaps a breakthrough year coming for you? I will be following on IG!



wednesday night did
3 mile warmup
2 miles @ faster than race pace. split 5:01/4:55 for 9:56. felt pretty controlled which was very nice.
full recovery (0.7 miles jog)
6 x 200 w/ 200jog rest in between. average right around 31. felt ok. turnover is weird.
3.5 miles cooldown

11 on the day


friday was 9 miles at 6:27 pace
saturday was 14 miles averaging 6:07 on pretty flat terrain with 6 x 1min surges (avg 4:32 pace) w/ 2mins rest
sunday was 13 miles with 1400ft climbing
56 on the week

club nationals in spokane coming up on saturday.


last night: 3 mile warmup
mile @ 10k: 5:01
400 jog
mile @ 5k: 4:55
400 jog
4 x 300 @ fast/smooth: 50.7, 50.1, 49.8, 48.9 w/ 100m walk
3.5 mile cooldown

miles weren’t as quick as i’d hoped but there was some wind on the track and my legs weren’t quite as alive as i’d hoped. oh well, fitness is there and nothing was to be gained from this workout anyways, so i’m not gonna dwell on it. 4 days til club nationals.


First full week back at training and I’ve hit a 4 mile tempo at 5:37, 3x5 min fartlek at about 5:25, and a 12 mile progression averaging 6:20. Excited to get a big December build up in.


Hit 70 miles (a lot for me) for the last 3 weeks straight and finally feeling decent again. This week’s workouts:

Pacing the girls team through 6 miles at 6 minute pace, very easy.

Then 10x800 @ threshold with a minute rest, 2:41 average.

Easy 14 miles today to finish the week.

Hopefully will be fit enough to race 3k indoors in 2019, if not just building up to some fast 5ks outdoors.


finished off the xc season in spokane this past saturday. ran 32:36 for what was billed as a 10k but the shortest distance i saw from anyone on strava was 6.4 miles. i know tangents/etc but 0.2-0.3 miles long is a pretty sizeable delta. nonetheless, everyone had to run it. i finished mid-150s out of 420+ guys. that field gets deeper and deeper each year. i didnt have a great race but i didnt have a bad one either. watch indicated i was knocking out low-5:00s pretty consistently, so that was nice but legs didn’t feel super strong. kinda had the feeling like i’m just getting into shape as opposed to having spent the whole fall working out and peaking for that race. we’ll see what the next couple weeks bring motivation-wise. may jump into a trail 50k in feb or march.


2 x 2 mile at 5:30 with 1 mile active in between. 8 on the day. Felt pretty smooth. Very pleased.


I have been doing only roller ski workouts the previous 3 weeks, with “normal” Nordic ski workouts on weekend days. A significant hard running workout for me very late tonight and I’m feeling a bit sick from the effort.
Done continuous on marked hard path. -7C and calm wind.
4k@ 3:55/km
3k@ 3:07/km
2k@ 3:55/km
3k@ 3:07/km
2k@ 3:55/km
3k@ 3:07/km
4k@ 3:55/km



you and ida nilsson with the nordic/skimo workouts following by running! ouch.


Yes! I feel strongly that Nordic skiing increases my vo2 significantly more than only running alone. It’s also very enjoyable to be in the forest to ski with friends! Skimo is an entirely different subject. My cousin in The States is a very good mountain climber and downhill skier and he does quite alot of the skimo.



Away from the Norwegian winter and am enjoying my time in the USA for 2 weeks. Very difficult 20km session on the treadmill in San Diego mid-morning today. Done continuous:

3k@ 3.55/k
2k@ 6.14
1k@ 3.55
2k@ 6.14
1k@ 3.55
2k@ 6.14
1k@ 3.55
2k@ 6.14
1k@ 3.55
2k@ 6.14
3k@ 3:55/k



been doing mostly just fun running over the past couple weeks. hit my arbitrary goal of 2500 miles for the year, but it is the lowest annual total in almost a decade. got me a bit motivated for the coming year.

did a 5 mile tempo yesterday in the middle of a 12 mile run. averaged 5:09 which was quite a nice surprise, even though a decent chunk of it was slightly downhill (like 40ft/mile, so not much but still there). pretty happy with where the fitness is heading into 2019 considering a year ago i was dealing with an achilles issue that kept me from running more than 2-3 miles at a time and lasted into february. i still feel the achilles from time to time, but with diligent stretching and rolling, it’s manageable.


let me know if you end up in SF :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course!


First workout back from The States with a controlled session on treadmill. My legs can certainly feel the long plane time. Performed continuous:
2k warmup@ 3.55/k
10x1k@ ~3.07 with 60sec rest between each
2k warmdown@ 3.55/k



10 miles with 4 x mile intervals thrown in there. went 4:56, 4:59, 5:06 (slight uphill in the last 0.15 miles), 4:57. 2min15s rest between. felt pretty good.


That’s an incredibly good workout! You’ve been improving those cruise intervals gradually over the last 2 years. It has been cool to follow and watch. I also prefer to do that type of workout as you did as one continuous run. It feels more natural. I think it also hardens a person mentally.