What was your workout? (continued)


2 mile warmup
6 x mile alternating down/up with 2 mins rest: 5:03, 5:36, 5:07, 5:37, 5:02, 5:36 (117ft avg gain/loss)
1.5 mile cooldown

was originally planning on running this workout on wednesday but plans changed so i went with it. legs felt pretty good but was still a bit sore from monday’s lift (was anticipating having one more day before the workout). still, good to get back after it with relatively good feeling legs (especially considering how crappy i felt on friday). 6+ weeks until club xc nationals.


prescribed workout was 15 minutes at half marathon pace then 5 minutes speeding up through 10k pace to 5k pace. ended up like this:

4 mile warmup
3.2 miles (wanted to run up/over the hill at this point in the run before accelerating) @ 5:21 pace
1 mile at 5:05 pace
2 mile cooldown

pretty pleased with the effort. the 5:20s felt a bit harder than anticipated so i was worried about speeding up at the end, but once i got moving it felt better than i thought it would. also happy to feel pretty solid all around so soon after tuesday’s workout (which didn’t go as well as it could have). 5k xc race tomorrow.


Done continuous on measured path:

3k warmup
8x 1k hard (3:07)/ 500 easy
2k warmdown

Felt significantly harder than it should.



ran the 5k xc on saturday. went pretty well. 16:06. i think the splits were 5:05, 5:29 (most of the uphill in this mile) then 5:04. felt decent but not great. have some mile repeats on tap for tonight.


Done continuous on marked path. 6C with rain.
3k@ 4.10/k
3k@ 3.07/k
3k@ 4.10/k
4k@ 3.07/k
3k@ 4.10/k



3 mile warmup
6 x 1600 on the track w/ 2 mins rest: goal was 2 reps @ 10 mile pace, 2 reps @ 10k pace, 2 reps @ 5k pace
5:12, 5:10, 5:00, 5:00, 4:54, 4:47 (last 3-4 reps were likely closer to a full mile as we were out in lane 2-3 several times going around other folks on the track working out)
2 mile cooldown

pretty damn pleased. first time on the track since march so wasn’t sure how it would feel but legs felt really good. last 2 reps also went better than anticipated.


Look how much faster you did these repeats on the track in comparison to your road repeats (even your downhill segments). Impressive!



having teammates around helps a ton. that was the first time i’ve worked out with my team since january 2017! also helps not being on dark, narrow roads hahaha


Done continuous on path. 3C.

3k@ 3:55/km
8x1k@ 3:07/km with 500m jog recovery between@ 4:10/km
2k@ 3:55/km

Felt significantly better than 6x1k two weeks ago,



4 mile warmup
3 x 2 mile with 4 mins jog rest between: 10:16, 10:22, 10:14
5 mile cooldown
legs felt really solid but had a rather painful abdominal stitch/cramp that made breathing deeply quite uncomfortable during the 2nd mile of the 2nd and 3rd intervals

sunday: 10 miles cruise-y. felt like crap. wanted to go 15 but that wasn’t happening.
55 miles on the week.


Listen to that body @afv ! I think perhaps you are <31:00 fitness for 10k currently, yes?



perhaps on the track hahaha. cross country is thankfully an entirely different animal as you know. we’ll see what happens at our regional meet on Nov 18 and then at nationals on dec 8.


3 mile warmup
6 x 1200 w/ 2 mins rest: 3:46.1, 3:44.3, 3:43.7, 3:41.8, 3:36.5, 3:34.1
3 mile cooldown

first 4 were supposed to be at 10k pace while last 2 at 5k. just ended up trying to cut down. pleased with the progression on this one.


Done continuous on marked path. 7C with little bit rain:

2k@ 4.00/k
4x2k@ 6.15 with 1k recovery between each@ 4:10/k
2k@ 4:00/k



friday: no running due to bad air quality from the fires up north
saturday: still decently smokey but needed to get some work in. did 14 miles total with 3 x 1.5 miles on varying terrain. started climbing on the second interval but turned around at the end of it because the smoke was pretty bad higher up
sunday: 14 miles staying pretty low to avoid smoke. still bad air.
56 on the week. was hoping to hit 60 but both runs this weekend were a couple miles shorter than planned due to smoke. and didn’t get to run friday as planned either.


still smokey down here in the bay area due to the fires up north. took it inside on a treadmill.
3 mile warmup.
6 x 0.5 miles @ 12.2 (4:54) at 2% grade
2.5 mile cooldown

hoping our regional XC meet is not cancelled on Sunday but who knows given that TNF50 and the Berkeley Half have both been cancelled for the coming weekend…


got up to tahoe for the weekend. only managed 3 miles on friday due to logistics but got in 15 miles on saturday with 4 x 10 mins hard effort with 4 mins rest inbetween. ended up with only 42 on the week as i didnt run sunday (just wasn’t feeling it).

the 10k xc race got postponed 1 week to next sunday (nov 25) but the lack of outdoor running and somewhat inconsistent last couple weeks have me feeling a bit out of shape. i know this isn’t the case, but still a little less excited about / confident in my fitness heading into sunday. will get in hopefully 1 outdoor workout this week on wednesday and then take it easy until the race on sunday.

19 days until club nationals, too.


Have been injured since September 11, when my plantar fasica that had been aching finally popped with a quarter mile to go of an 8 mile tempo at 5:40 pace.

Had my first workout back on Thanksgiving, 5xMile with a minute rest in 5:30-34-53-50-55. Wasn’t pretty but I guess you gotta start somewhere.


Be tough!


smoke cleared several days ago. feels so good to run outside.

last week on wednesday ran a track workout:
4 x (800@5k, 100 jog rest, 300@3k, 400 jog rest)
2:25.1, 50.4
2:22.8, 50.0
2:21.7, 50.2
2:21.8, 48.4

yesterday (sunday) was our regional XC championship. ran 32:49 for 10k (course is listed at 6 miles but everyone’s watch had it long). i think i placed 13th overall behind 11 dudes on the hoka aggies and 1 guy in a chico state singlet. pretty pleased with the effort. i would have liked to crack top 10 but that wasn’t happening. course was decently wet from the rain we had over thanksgiving week. wore flats though because the mud/slop was pretty much confined to the start/finish meadow area and other areas of the course have rocks and hard-pack dirt which isn’t much fun in spikes. was definitely spinning my wheels a bit in the sloppy section but so was everyone else. basically, slow course. got out well and stayed strong the whole time. was passing people almost the entire race which was nice and managed to run myself into no-man’s land so i didn’t have a sprint finish :slight_smile:

details here: