What was your workout? (continued)


2k warmup
4/2/4/2 with half distance jog recovery done continuous:
1k warmdown



sunday was a 28 mile long run with around 5,000ft climbing
monday off
tuesday was 10 x 500m uphill reps w/ 1:45 rest. i would have liked to take another day off as i was quite spent following the long run, but scheduling issues pushed the workout up to tuesday. all in all, went well enough.

have a 5k xc race coming up on saturday. pretty hilly course.


2k warmup
10x 200m with 100m jog recovery@

1k warmdown

This is only to keep my sanity from my difficult surgical training, and is not real athletics training. I feel strongly that in a race, this would be found to be “fake fitness”.



saturday: 5k xc race. probably the hiliest course this the season. ran 16:07 for 8th. about 10 seconds slower than last year but i felt considerably better last year, so hopefully that’s a good sign that things are starting to come around. didn’t quite have the oomph on the uphills that i’ve had in the past.

sunday: 18 miles at 6:16 pace. felt strong.

have another race coming up next sunday which is 4.25 miles over rolling trails. not sure what the workouts will be this week yet.


2 mile warm-up
2k in 6:38 w/ 5 min jog rest
1 mile in 4:56 w/ 4.5 min jog rest
1200 in 3:40 w/ 3.5 min jog rest
800 in 2:28 w/ 2.5 min jog rest
2x600 w/ 2 min rest – 1:43/1:45
2x400w/90 sec rest – 66/63
2 mile cooldown

Workout was on grass. Somewhere around 11 miles total. Best I’ve felt in a workout so far this fall.
Haven’t posted in a while. Enjoying a stretch of good training and health. Averaged about 75 miles for the last 10-11 weeks. Looking forward to the remained of the XC season.


1.5 mile warmup
7 x 1200m w/ 2 mins rest. did this on a tree-covered street so GPS was wonky on the first rep. adjusted to simply 4 minute intervals. average 333 watts for each one, and kept effort pretty hard.
2.5 mile cooldown


Wednesday: 14 miles with 2x2 miles at ~5:35 pace. 6:45 average
Today: Intervals on XC course
2 miles up
2 x (1200 w/ 3.5 min active, 800 w/ 2.5 min active)
3:53/2:34, 3:42/2:25
5x400 w/ 1.5 rest on hills-- 70, 70, 70, 70, 66
2 miles down

Felt strong, excited about where I’m at.


2k warmup
With 100m jog recovery
1k warmdown



4.2 mile xc race on rolling trails on sunday. ran 21:55 for 5th. pretty pleased. faded a bit in the last mile but nothing too bad.
then added on a 20 mile cooldown because i’ve got a 50k in two weeks. that was rough.


Oof. That was difficult.


20 mile cooldown… Yikes.

2 mile up
6x1000 – 3:15, 3:13, 3:06, 3:05, 3:12, 3:07
2x600 – 1:50, 1:48
2x400 – 70, 67
2 miles down

That 5th K was pretty much all up hill. I was happy with the workout especially considering it’s 83 degrees in October.


All done continuous on marked path:
4k@ 4.00/k then
6x (1k @3:07 /600m @4.00/k recovery) then
4k@ 4.00/k



2.5 mile warmup
6 x mile alternating up/down (about 100ft elevation difference) in 5:19, 4:54, 5:23, 4:56, 5:22, 4:57 w/ 2:30 jog rest
2 mile cooldown

felt pretty good considering i ran 28 on sunday with a 4 mile xc race in there. definitely better than the last time i came back on tuesday after a 28 mile long run on sunday. 10 days until my 50k.


3 mile warmup
3 x 8mins tempo w/ 3 mins rest (5:21 w/ headwind, 5:07 tailwind, 5:09 some tailwind)
1.5 mile cooldown

10 on the day. time to taper for saturday’s 50k.


Sunday- 1:45 very easy in the forest and path around Bislett

Tuesday- “American 10 miler”
Done continuous:
2 miles@ 13.20
2 miles@ 10.00
2 miles@ 13.20
2 miles@ 10.00
2 miles@ 13.20

*special shout to @bertebob for his recent national championship in the 1/2 marathon



2 miles up
2x1000 w/ 3 rest – 3:16, 3:12
5x(800 2.5 rest, 400) 2 rest – 2:31/71, 2:33/72, 2:28/71, 2:28/71, 2:26/68
2 miles down

This one was difficult but fun. It was a little humid and soft on the course today, and hitting the quarters early in the workout was tough. Good day all around though. Nearly 12 mile day.


thanks !
Apreciate this !


ran the elk-kings 50k this past saturday. won and got the course record by around 10 minutes with a time of 3:55:38. there was one guy who took it out hard for the first 10 miles, probably had 1.5-2 minutes on me at one point in there before i slowly worked my way back up to him around mile 17. i went by him at mile 17.5 and didn’t see him again after that. ended up putting 18 minutes on him in the last 12-13 miles. i didn’t feel all that good early on, but things really started to click heading up the first big climb (course was a double out and back) and i just rolled for the second half of the race. had another gear ready in case i needed it but never did. super happy with the effort.

data here. apparently my GPS stopped working at the second turnaround point, unfortunately, but the splits and distance actually seem pretty on because i was wearing my footpod. just the elevation looks like it wasn’t recorded…


2 miles up
2x1000 (3:13, 3:11)
5x800(2:26, 2:32, 2:28, 2:28, 2:26)
2x600(1:46, 1:44)
2x400(69, 68)
2 miles down


4 miles on friday. was excited because i got out of work a bit early and it was beautiful out and i was planning to run 10 miles before picking up my daughter from daycare but i just felt like complete poop. so i called it at 4 miles and didn’t run a step the rest of the weekend. gotta remember i raced 50k last weekend and my body is tired even if my mind doesn’t necessarily agree. hopefully gonna get a few miles in today to judge if i want to run a workout tomorrow. still have 3 xc races left this year, culminating with club xc nationals in spokane on dec 8. also have to remind myself that i’m really not losing much fitness but i will if i force myself back into it too soon and then can’t get my legs back under me. rather take a few extra and cleawrly needed days off now than a week or two down the road when it will really eat into my build to nationals.