What was your workout? (continued)


Hit 76 miles last week.
Did 17 miles at 6:45 pace on Monday.
Yesterday did a tough threshold down to 8k pace workout.

2 mile up
2x2400 with 5 minutes jog recovery in 8:06
1600 in 5:11
2 mile down

It was about 85 degrees and sunny, so this one drained me but I’m definitely pleased with my current fitness just over a month out from out opener.


9 miles yesterday w/ 4 in the middle averaging 5:30. didn’t feel too bad.


2k warmup
200/200/200/400/200@ 60 sec pace with 50m jog (~15sec) between
1k warmdown



jumped in the SF marathon yesterday. ran 2:33:37. felt controlled the whole time. very steady effort. had to take a quick pit stop during mile 13 but was back on track pretty quickly. probably cost me 60-90 seconds but whatever. not fussed. goal was to get a BQ and have some fun. ran the last several miles with a friend from another track club and we crossed the line together.

strava data here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1735913867/overview


Tuesday: 10 mile hilly progression at 6:37 avg
Friday: 5 mile tempo at 5:44 average. Wanted faster but rain made for super slick roads. Good effort though.
Sunday: 12 mile long run at 6:14 average. Best long run of my life. Super excited.

62 miles for the week and feeling awesome! First race September 1. Either 5k or 8k XC, not sure on the distance yet.


Hit 80 miles last week. Only the 3rd such week of my life. This is the highest I’ll go, probably. Hoping to stay at 80 for a few more weeks.
Also did a 18 miler that turned into a but of a progression run. Averaged 6:30 and finished around 6:00 pace.


2k warmup
100/100/200/200/200/100/100/300/100@ 56-58 sec pace with 50m jog (~15sec) between
1k warmdown

Just moving the legs and keeping heart/lung stimulus inserted between long hospital shifts.


3k warmup
With 200m jog/walk rest
1k warmdown

Very surprised at the session given my overall lack of fitness (it can be obvious in the session where it became apparent); but I also have a strong thought that I wil be extremely sore for some days to follow. A wonderful day with Jakob winning over 1500m, and this hard session for celebrating.


anyone have any experience with tibial pain right below the kneecap? it’s where osgood-schlatter’s pain would typically occur.

one of my doctors believes it might be hamstring tightness that is pulling the patellar tendon too tight. i had the chance to ask a prominent coach here in the us about it and he believes it might be due to a quad/hamstring strength imbalance.

problem is, i’ve had this since mid june. started about four weeks after my last outdoor race. sucks that i’ve lost cross country to it but i can cope with that – what i can’t cope with is that it seems to have no end.

the only form of crosstraining i have at my disposal right now is biking, which may be contributing to the imbalance. our school’s pool is closed for renovations.

would love to get some insight or tips on how to come back from this. want to at least be in shape to run outdoor again.


first workout of cross country season occurred yesterday. rest of team (i can’t meet at their regularly scheduled workout time due to family obligations) was doing 2-3 x 2 mile intervals, so i did 3 x 12mins on trails w/ 4mins rest. felt pretty solid. 10 miles on the day with 1500ft climbing under 7min pace when all was said and done.


2k warmup
16x200m@ 28.4 with 100m walk recovery
1k warmdown



friday went 10 miles with 4 miles at 5:25 pace then 1 mile at 5:11
saturday and sunday each had 15 mile long runs with 2800 and 2200ft of climbing, respectively
hit 70 on the week for the first time in several weeks


Missed a few weeks posting but trainings has gone well. Finally moved in to college and training with the team.

T: 8mi tempo at 5:45 pace
F: 7x1k cruise intervals at 3:21 avg with 200m jog rest
S: 14 miles at 6:29 avg (although we started at 7:30 pace)

70 for the week and feeling great. Will likely race one time this cross season and focus on getting fit for mile/3k Indoor.


2.5 mile warmup
2 x 4k (2.5 miles) in 13:35, 13:09 w/ 4.5mins rest. done on rolling fire roads to simulate XC courses
2 mile cooldown
felt pretty solid. first XC race of the season (3.4 miles I think) coming up on saturday.


2k warmup
8x300@ 43.2 with 300m jog between
1k warmdown

A very enjoyable night on the track!


saturday: 3.4 mile xc race. finished in 17:52 (5:14 pace). went out hard and held on until about 2.5-2.7 miles. then died a slow, painful death. still, happy with the effort.
sunday: 17 miles at 7:04 pace w/ 3000ft climbing
60 miles on the week.


I’ve been neglecting this thread for a while. My apologies. I’ve averaged about 78 miles per week over the last 7 weeks and did a 7 mile time trial on a pretty hilly route in 38:29, which was pretty similar to what I hit last year. I was also about 20 seconds slower at mile 5 than I was last year. So I was very pleased with the result. Pretty stoked for this XC season.


3 x 12 mins @ tempo effort (probably a bit harder on the uphills) w/ 3.5 mins rest inside of an 11 mile run w/ 2300ft climbing


2k warmup
12x 200m @ 28.2 avg with 200m jog between
1k warmdown

With the sun rising, I felt very full of life on the track this morning. I must remember not to take anything for granted.



6 mile warmup
4 mile tempo @ 5:10 on gently rolling gravel path
1 mile cooldown

travel and wife out of town and parents out of town means this week, next week, and the following will likely be light on the workout and mileage side, but i’m staying optimistic that i’ll be able to at least get 1 workout per week in…