What was your workout? (continued)


2nd overall at dipsea for the second year in a row. ran 48:51 for my second fastest time ever on the course. stoked. lost to the same lady as last year by 15 seconds. she took a whopping 2:30 off her time from last year at age 47 so that was pretty remarkable. not feeling too bad today but am waiting for the poison oak to show up. wheeeee

3 weeks until mont blanc marathon. gonna be hard to get really excited about that one though following dipsea hahaha


Following @afv 's training for his race really piqued my interest. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that was poorly educated on the subject. Here is a great article to anyone else that was curious. Very cool race!


nice that those in charge let the author run the race, too! really helped him get a better handle on it. appreciate the support!


man i am having some major trouble finding my mojo/motivation for mont blanc marathon on july 1. dipsea was the goal race throughout the spring and i was planning on running MBM 3 weeks after but didn’t think i’d have this much trouble getting back into a groove. i’m fit. i did a 25 miler on saturday in 3h10m that felt really, really good but trying to convince myself to run a workout has been tough. we’ll see what today brings…


Be nice to yourself. Go do something you enjoy in training- or me, it is 200m repeats- lots of them. Don’t hold yourself to a set schedule, and allow yourself to be refreshed.



Was wrong about workouts, I’ve been doing well with the mileage buildup and faster easy days so Coach gave me the go ahead to do a 10 mile progression today.

7:49, 7:29, 7:08, 6:58, 6:48, 6:43, 6:24, 6:11, 6:02, 5:54. Started very slow just to make sure I kept myself in check. Felt really good once I started clicking under 7:00 minute pace. Highest volume workout of my life!


did a tempo-like workout yesterday. 10 mins uphill, 6 mins down, 8 mins down/flat. ran PRs for a couple of the segments which was a nice surprise considering my legs felt rather flat. so clearly i’m fit, which i knew but didn’t accept for some weird reason, until yesterday. 12 miles on the day. now i feel like i can relax on the workout front headed into mont blanc marathon. just needed a mental boost. achieved.


Thursday: 8 miles with the first 7 easy (6:45) and the last one in 5:46 and strides

Sunday: 11.1 miles at 6:28 pace.

61 miles for the week. Lot of aerobic stuff in my training now, love it.


I am building things up right now, I am currently enjoying my final North Carolina summer and the lovely heat/humidity that entails so no real intensity, just mileage and short speed. The long term pie-in-the-sky goal is probably the Chicago Marathon in 2019, in the shorter term probably an 8k XC race, maybe a half, and my usual Thanksgiving race in line for the fall. I kept getting a calf strain-ish thing that I thought might have been compartment syndrome but I started easing things back in terms of daily run speed (I was generally out the door at sub 7 pace just because I could despite not being in that great of shape) around May, started keeping the HR monitor on everything and I’ve been good since.

9 miles @7:25 pace over a hilly course this morning, probably headed towards 60ish miles on the week.


Tuesday: 10 mile progression run that did not go well. Worked down to 6:15 by 8 Miles in but muscles were tightening up bad. Jogged in the last mile.

Friday: 9 mile progression. Started at 7:30 and went 6:04-5:47-5:39 last 3 miles. Happy with this one.

Sunday: 12 mile long run at 6:21 average. Was really in control but the last mile hurt.

My longest workout in high school was a 5 mile tempo over 2 years ago. I’m really happy with how I’m taking to long aerobic work. First tempo of the season next week!


Off of 24 hour shift at the hospital, and knew that I’d never get out of bed again for the day if I didn’t run first. Something quick and fast to just enjoy myself. No straining allowed, and just smooth running.

2k warmup
100/150/200/250/200/150/100 with 50m jog between (~15secs) at
1k warmdown



Haven’t posted on here in a while. Thought I’d give a summer XC training update.
In 5 weeks I’ve hit 48, 56, 60, 70, 70 for weekly mileage which is by far my best start to a summer. I’ve never ran more than 80 miles in a week and haven’t spent much time above 70, so we’ll see how the rest of the summer goes in this heat.


Repeat of most recent track session. What a difference a full night of sleep makes!

2k warmup
100-150-200-250-200-150-100 with 50m jog between (~15sec):
1k warmdown
No stress. No strain. Concentrating on just relaxed speed and fluid motion.


bit late as i’ve been in europe and swamped at work since i got back, but ran the mont blanc marathon on july 1. went pretty well considering i ran the race (27 miles w/ 10,000ft climbing) basically off of dipsea training (7 miles w/ 2,200ft climbing) with a few long runs thrown in for good measure. would be fun to run the event again knowing what’s coming and being better able to train for it. overall, i was pretty pleased with it. definitely ran more conservatively for the first 19-20 miles in an effort to save the legs for the last 12k but was feeling worse than i’d hoped at that point. never truly cramped up but VMOs were pretty locked heading up the climb to la flegere with about 5k to go. was able to run the flats all the way to the finish, though, which was good, and that enabled my VMOs to recover a bit for the uphill bits.

strava data here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1673456692

haven’t done much since - just 2 runs of 8 miles with some climbing. legs are still feeling it for sure but nothing too bad. time to start building base for fall cross country.


Forgot to post last week.

Tuesday: 10 mile hilly progression, 7:30->6:00 minute pace.

Friday: 5 mile tempo, 5:44 avg. Started at 5:55 and worked down a little bit until I ran a few 5:40-flats. First tempo of the season, was tough and a bit of a shock but I felt about as relaxed as I could have.

Saturday: 12 mile long run, 6:23 average pace. Was really tough, legs were just tight and cramped up in my left hammy.

65 miles for last week. Tackling my first 70 mile week currently and I’m getting my ass kicked a little bit.


7th in a local 5k in 16:10. Didn’t push it crazy hard or anything, just wanted to have a good effort and get the legs moving. Ran a little faster last year, which was kinda disappointing at first until I realized that it was 80 degrees this year and only about 65 last year. I also hit 75 miles this week which is my highest mileage since last August, so I’m happy with where I’m at.


Took the first week of July off as I was in NYC visiting a no-longer-running friend. Started back up on Monday, 64 miles on the week with a couple of short speed workouts thrown in (3x30s fast/1:30 jog on Tuesday, hill sprints on Friday). Might do an easy-ish workout like 2 mins on/2 mins off tomorrow just to get something fast in. There is an open track meet next Tuesday and I’m thinking about a mile/800 double just for fun (and I haven’t run either of those events since college).


Forgot to post that 70 mile week.

Tuesday: 10 mile progression on hilly country roads, 7:30 pace->6:20 pace

Thursday: 8 mile tempo at 5:59 average. My previous longest tempo was 5 so this was a fun one.

Sunday: 13.1 miles at 6:25 pace. Felt pretty good, surprisingly.

70 miles was a lifetime goal for me so I’m giving this week a big thumbs up, although it was difficult fatigue-wise.


just under 60 miles this past week. finally finding some motivation again ahead of SF marathon this coming sunday (purely running it for BQ, though, so not too worried about fitness - definitely not a goal race). had solid runs over the weekend of 15 miles and 11 miles, both with some harder efforts in there.


50 mile down week.

Tuesday: standard 10 mile progression on hills. 7:15->6:15 pace.

Friday: 8x3min on/1min off cruise interval/fartlek. Just 5:40-6:00 pace on a golf course on grassy hills. Really fun XC workout but not too hard.

Sunday: 11 mile long run at 6:16 pace. Really happy with this one.