What was your workout? (continued)


Wednesday: 800 in 2:12, 400 jog, 400 in 72, 5 minute rest, 400 in 60. Wanted the middle 400 to be much faster but I underestimated how much the 800 would take out of me.

Saturday: 2 mile tempo in 11:42 + 4x200 with 200 jog in 32-33-33-27.

Today (Tuesday): Shooting for a fast 1600m tonight. Last chance at my school’s record of 4:6.69, but I just wanna go hard and have a good race. Whatever time comes out of that will be great.


another week another workout on dipsea. spent all weekend moving and ran a grand total of 6 miles because my legs felt like complete crap. got back on the climb today, hit 17:40 (8:58 / 8:42 splits). pretty pleased considering how trashed my legs felt over the weekend. for some reason my brain had set a completely arbitrary time goal of 17:40 for today (but anything under 18 would have been acceptable), so hitting that was nice. it was also the first time i’ve run the climb and run all 3 flights of stairs on the first climb, so that was good. 24 days.


2x400-- 63/59 (ran the wrong pace that first rep)
5x300-- 43, 43, 43, 43, 42
3 minutes rest on everything


NCAA career came to a close today at our “regional” meet. Ran 405 for 1500 (awful) and 157 for 800. Still gonna keep training and road racing as i work towards my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the same school i did my undergrad at.


4:32.8. Ran a good race, that’s just as fit as I am. Happy with it.

Season overall didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped, but given that I’ve had huge improvements every year until now, I’m okay.

Now part of the way through a 2-week break before buckling down and building up to some big mileage this summer.


3x400 w/ 400 jog-- 65,64,65
4x200 w/ 2.5 recovery-- 27,28,26,26


Last workout before Nationals. Just to shake the legs out.
500 w/ 4 min rest-- 1:18
400 w/ 3 min rest-- 58
3x200 w/ 2.5 rest-- 27, 27, 26


friday 10 miles up dipsea climb again. ran it in 17:23 - quite pleased.
saturday morning 22 miles w/ 6200ft climbing
sunday: 8 easy

67 on the week


3k warmup
30x200m done continuous with 100m super slow jog between @30.3 avg
1k warmdown

I really spent myself tonight.



dipsea climb again last night. 17:56 (slowed a bit at the top on purpose) followed immediately by a kicker of another couple hundred feet. was feeling monday’s lift in my hammys/glutes.


First workout on my own. 4 mile road tempo at 520 pace. First longer workout in a while so definitely dragged about in the last mile but i was happy with it. Gonna hop into a local 5 miler on monday well see how that goes


quick jaunt before a dipsea team meeting last night. 7 miles w/ 1300 ft climbing (mostly in one climb). pushed up the big climb and hit my second fastest time ever for the strava segment (10:50), despite feeling pretty flat at the bottom. wasnt a huge effort but pleased nonetheless.

hoping to get on the track for some 800s and 400s tomorrow to bring the wheels around a bit.


2 mile warmup
8 x 800 w/ half time rest: 2:26, 2:26, 2:25, 2:24, 2:24, 2:23, 2:22, 2:20
4 x 400 w/ equal time rest (ouch): 67, 68, 68, 67
don’t really trust those times exactly due to lag in starting/stopping with a GPS watch. should have brought my timex.
nice long cooldown of 9 miles


Look who has returned to running fast repeats!


5 miler today ran 26:29. Course was 5.05 so i guess it was like 26:20. Fine with it


trying! hahaha those 400s were rough. gotta get a bit more turnover before dipsea on june 10.

sunday was 18 miles with 4800ft climbing in 2h30m for 65 miles on the week. felt better than i thought i would after saturday’s workout.

monday was 8 miles chill but felt wayyy better than expected so ended up averaging 6:23 pace


last climb up dipsea before the race itself on june 10. hit 17:45 which was a bit disappointing but when i look back at the 3 days leading into this (18 w/ 8x8,4x4, 18 w/ 4800ft vert, 8 @ 6:23pace), it’s not surprising. monday felt super easy but wasnt - 6:23 pace is not recovery no matter how you slice it.

anyways, time to let all the work soak in before race day. gonna get some turnover on the weekend via another track workout, hopefully.


13 miles on saturday with 3 x 8 mins tempo with 4 mins rest. significantly hotter than it’s been all year. felt a bit flat. took the dog we were dogsitting for a walk beforehand too, which didn’t help either. not worried about it though. hay is in the barn.

12 miles on sunday. hot again.

59 miles on the week. taper time.


3 mile warmup
3 x 800 w/ < 2mins rest: 2:24.8, 2:21.8, 2:20.8 (Streak 6)
3 x 400 w/ 90sec rest: 65.6, 65.0, 65.5 (Streak LT2)
3 x 200 w/ 90sec rest: 30.0, 30.8, 33.8 (backed off on the last one because calves were getting tight in Streak LT2s)
4 mile cooldown

10 on the day


8 miles + 6x100 strides today, just building mileage. Won’t have real workouts until July.