What was your workout? (continued)


6 miles with 4 @ 5:38 pace. closed in 5:28 which was a nice surprise. legs felt decent. cough was somewhat present.


Yesterday ran 2.5 mile tempo in 14:00 and 4x200m in 30-30-30-29.

Regionals 3200m and 1600m tomorrow :sunglasses:


3k warmup
3x400m@ 56.8 avg on 2 minutes
1k warmdown

Quick workout to transition into some faster runs as the weather improves. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel as easy as I’d hoped!


Solo’d a 1:56.6 800m yesterday. Pretty happy/surprised


10:10 3200m ftw, closed in 63. 4:42 1600m (2:27 at 800m) for second, barely. Qualified for state and think I have a legit shot to win the thing.

@Run_Red very nice!


took it pretty easy on the weekdays last week except for tuesday when i did that 4 mile tempo.

decided to hammer on saturday. plan was to run a double dipsea and hit big climb twice (~18 min at tempo effort), once on the way out and then again on the way back before continuing back to the start. first time up the climb started out OK but quickly fell off pace. ended up at 19 mins for the climb, about a minute slower than i wanted and felt pretty gassed. definitely was still feeling the tail end of whatever cough/sinus issue i had lingering from boston as my lungs just felt like they couldnt get a full breath. so that pretty quickly ruled out the prospect of hammering when i got back for the second time, but still made it to the top (23 min death march). bonked/cracked/cramped hard on the very last climb and was so wrecked i couldn’t run sunday. oh well… gonna try to shake out for a couple miles today and hopefully get back on the horse on thursday for the climb again.

strava data here: https://www.strava.com/activities/1537328823/overview


3k warmup
Then done continuous:
3k@3.45/k into
8x1k@3.07 with 80sec rest between@4.10/k into

Difficult workout done on marked hard trails and in flats. The relatively short rest between k’s was really the most challenging part. Approximately 19k total.



5x400m with ~2:30 rest. 66-64-67-65-66. 20+mph wind on the backstretch, so pacing was hard. Last workout before state, 3200m on Friday and 1600m on Saturday.

Was also granted a walk-on spot to the college I’m going to next year, so my workouts are about to get a lot more interesting!


Conferences this past weekend. 4x800 800 prelims and finals 1500m and 4x4. Woof

200 for 4x8 thursday. 156.1 for prelims on friday to win my heat and advance. 1500 -4:00 saturday morning. 800 finals an hour after were 1:59. 51.2 for 4x4 about 2 hours after 8 finals.


I had conference this weekend too. 7:40 4x8 on Thursday, split 1:55 low. Friday ran 1500 in 4:01 in which we went out in 65 and 70 for the first two laps and closed hard. Ran the 800 about an hour and a half later in 1:58, felt gassed and was out of contention early, so that 800 was just kinda crap.


3k warmup
Done continuous with 100m jog rest between each interval:
8x100@ 14-15 +
4x200@ 26.2/25.6/25.6/25.8 +
8x100@ 15

1k warmdown
Trying to teach my body to recover at what is essentially race pace after taking a lactic bath.



Strangely similar just the 8s switched around a little


spent the early part of the week recovering from my big effort last saturday. felt good enough thursday to get back on the dipsea course. ran creek to cardiac (big climb, 2 miles long w/ ~1300ft gain) in 17:56. goal was sub-18 so happy to get under it, but definitely had to work a bit harder than i’d hoped.

friday: 4 easy

saturday: 2 mile warmup. 6 x mile on bike path w/ 2.5 mins rest: 5:09 (headwind), 5:03, 5:00, 5:00, 5:29 (headwind, backed off), 4:57. 9 mile cooldown for 18 on the day.

sunday: 18 miles with 2000ft climbing

69 miles on the week


3rd in the state 3200m in 10:00. Might’ve been able to win it had I not let there be such a large gap at the beginning.

4th in the 1600m in 4:31. 64-68-69-70. Gave it my all. Happy with it.

Training for one more week to try to hit sub-4:30 at Meet of Champs, then high school running is over!


hit the big climb again on dipsea. goal was to go faster than thursday when i ran 17:56. legs weren’t feeling great on the warmup down to the bottom of the climb but as i was heading up, i definitely felt like i was moving better on the flats than i was on thursday. hit the halfway point 15 seconds faster in 8:45 and then negative split by 10 seconds (which is pretty normal for when i’m running this climb well) for an 8:35 second half and 17:20 overall. i would have been happy with 17:45 so this was really welcome.


Did almost that same workout again. 600 at mile pace 400-400 hard. 134-56-56. 3 mins rest for all


Workout from Monday
1.5 mile warm-up
600 in 1:35, 600 jog
2x(350,250,150) w/ 3 minutes between reps and 4 between sets. 52/34/20, 50/34/19.
1.5 mile cooldown


You could come to Wisconsin to race one more mile at this great event!: http://www.wiscomile.com/


Ran 3:57 to win my heat at a last chance meet yesterday. 1 second off my PR and the provisional qualifying mark for NAIAs. I had only run 4:01 this year, partially because of an injured calf and poor weather, so I wasn’t in a great section. Heat went out in 64 for the first two laps which was just too slow and put me in too big of a whole timewise. Closed well in a 61 and outkicked a guy for the win, which felt good. Would have been nice to be in a better section as I finally felt like myself for the first time all outdoor, but I’ve got the 4x8 at NAIAs to look forward to now.


600 w/ 3 min rest-- 1:38
2x(450, 250, 150) w/ 3 minutes rest-- 68/34/20, 66/34/19