What was your workout? (continued)


First off @Samminer94 super jealous of all your vaporflys. wish they made them in a size 14. Good luck in your half!

Yesterday i did 10 min tempo at 516. 3 min rest.
90s rest after the 1s & 2s. 230 after 4s and the 8.
Was all supposed to be at 63 400 pace so i was happy with that


On a same km pace progression with lengthening intervals over the last month from 10x1k to 4x2k to now 3x3k tonight. It would be a fun experiment to continue in this rotation of these 3 interval sessions with gradual decreasing rest time (100m?) over the next months.

This night all done continuous in flats:
3k@ 3:55/k
3 x (3k steady/200m easy)@ 3:07/k (9.21) and 1:30
3k@ 3:55/k



1 hour easy after my shift tonight, then put on spikes for 600m@ 1.23
1km warmdown



401 1500 saturday. Not terrible. Not great


2x8 min tempo on the road with rolling hills. 3 mins rest. 8x200 on the track with 90s rest today.

First 8 mins at 516 second 8 mins at 509


How did @afv run at Boston? Is anyone aware?



dropped at mile 18. that was the coldest i’ve ever been during a race (including the xc race i ran in spokane in 7 degree Fahrenheit weather). was freezing from the gun and every time it felt like i might warm up a bit, i’d get hit with another gust of wind/rain that made me even colder than before. i packed a rain jacket on the trip but didn’t bring it to the start with me. stupid as that definitely would have enabled me to finish. anyways, around mile 14 my shoulders went numb and then a mile later my stride started feeling jerky, like i couldn’t move my legs properly. made it a couple more miles before deciding that passing another med tent was stupid. ducked into the med tent and mile 18 and spent 20 minutes shivering uncontrollably under blankets and hot pads. finally warmed up enough to graduate to the adjoining tent for those less worse off and spent 2 hours waiting there huddled around a heat lamp until the bus came (clearly their logistics were overwhelmed but i dont blame them, you cant just triple the number of buses on a dime). i dont know how people finished. and i know some folks will say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just weak people or something like that, but i prefer to think of it was under-prepared people. had i had that jacket, i really think i would have finished but i didnt and so i dropped. funny enough, sage canaday was in the same tent as me for a bit before the elite sag wagon picked him up. i’m a bit bummed but my health was not worth the risk. i ran by a guy at mile 16 who was on his hands and knees and that scared me - i didn’t want to get delirious and not realize it. some of the guys in the tent were saying they couldnt remember the last 5 miles they ran. crazy day. but so happy with the male/female winners! best possible outcome, IMO.


also, FWIW, hasay’s late drop is so suspicious as much as i hate to say it.


Been lazy about posting lately.

Had some good workouts, decent races, but last Tuesday pulled my hammy in a workout and couldn’t run for 5 days. Today, I ran a seasons best 4:38. I’m really happy given the circumstances and think that by state (May 4th-5th) I can be back to 100%. I didn’t lose a ton of fitness, but I just think I lost some sharpness, which I think can come back quickly.


2k warmup
30 x 200m@ 29.4 avg with 200 EASY jog between
1k warmdown

There’s a high chance that I will be walking a bit slow tomorrow!


First day off the treadmill. Finally back to the bike trail, hopefully the snow is gone for good this spring!

6 miles: 7:41,7:25,7:25,7:05,6:55,6:43. 43:19 total time.


8 min tempo at 5:15 3 mins rest 600 @ mile pace 1:35. 3 mins 500 @ 800 pace 1:14. 400 @ 800 pace 61


That’s a really interesting workout that works a lot of systems. Where did you find that? I really like it.



Im a college senior and my coach writes all my workouts. Would be happy to send you more of mine if youd like. Im a 1500 guy right now but have workouts for racing centered more on 800 5k or 8k as well


2 mile warm-up
4x(450, 200 walk, 200) w/ 4 minutes rest
1.5 mile cooldown

69/27, 68/27, 65/28, 66/28

Legs fell off a bit at the end and I didn’t finish well in the last 2 200s or the last 450, but still a decent day.


I bet that 500 HURT.:joy:


3200 in 10:07 ftw and 1600 about 90 minutes later in 5:00. I was wayyy too tired for the 1600. I’m not too worried about it. The 3200 was good and in some hot weather.


The 500 was okay. Kinda hurt. But for whatever reason the 400 after felt awful. Guessing because the 500 was tough. Wind also kicked up which also didnt help


Yikes thats fast


To be fair, the 450s may have been like 445, we we’re guessing a little with the huddle marks. I think when we do 350s they’re long and 450s are a little short.