What was your workout? (continued)


I figure ill start posting here more often (as i once did) since ill be running out of eligibility in 2 months or so and i will be mighty lonely. Yesterday did 1000-800-600 then 8x200. 3 mins rest after 600 and 90s rest everything else. 255 218 141 30 30 30 29 28 28 28 28


10 mile long run that was accidentally progressive. First mile in about 7:50 or so and just naturally rolled all the way down to ~6:10 the last couple of miles. Never really felt like I was pushing the pace and it was amazing. This run + a decent meet on Thursday has me thinking I’m back on track.


last big week before starting to taper last this week for boston
friday: 8 mile tempo at what averaged 5:29 pace with a solid climb in the first mile and some good downhill in the 6-7th miles
saturday: 23 miles with 3000ft climbing. hung on for my buddy’s steady state workout, so some good quality there as well. averaged 6:59 for the whole run.
sunday: 16 miles super chill.
80 miles on the week. biggest in quite some time.

last big workout tomorrow before the taper starts in earnest!


Easy workout today. Just shaking the legs out after a car ride. Harder workout coming Wednesday followed by lots of racing.

4 mile progression run (6:10 avg)
400 w/ 3 min rest-- 59
300 w/ 2.5 min rest-- 42
200 w/ 2 min rest-- 27
150 – 18.5
3 mile cool down


Took Sunday off after the LR, felt awesome today.

10 min tempo @ 5:33 avg
2x400: 67-63
2x300: 46-46
1x200: 28.9

Recovery was long but still a good workout. Was absolutely cruising on the 400s and 300s, which was nice. I actually said “wait really?” when we crossed the line on the 2nd 400 because I thought we were slow.


6k very easy warmup
Then done continuous with flats:
1600m@ 6.40 picking up speed
4x (2k moderate/ 400m easy)@ 6.15/1.45
1600m@ 6.40 slowing down speed

I felt a bit overcooked toward the end. Good effort.



2 mile WU
25 min tempo (5:16-5:16-5:14-5:13-3:53 for next 1200)
4x200 (30-29-29-28)
2.75 CD

Hoping to get into Princeton for a fast 1500 on friday. Also landed a job at a local running store today to help support myself a bit more in grad school. Woohoo


2 mile warmup
10 x 800 w/ 75 sec rest: 2:30, 2:29, 2:29, 2:27, 2:26, 2:27, 2:27, 2:25, 2:25, 2:21
3.5 mile cooldown
felt solid. that was the last big workout before boston. now i just have to be not stupid.


That’s an impressive workout @afv . You are certainly an aerobic monster. I’m not sure that many can grasp how difficult that is on such short rest. It appears that you’re ready.


Ran 404 for 1500 at princeton yesterday. Pretty disappointing but didnt have a great heat for a real fast race


Won the 800 at out home meet this weekend in 1:57.1. Wasn’t a fast race, but for a season opener in 35° weather it wasn’t bad. It was also a field with a few pretty decent athletes and I haven’t been feeling 100% lately so I was pleased.


First time with spikes since October!
3C and rain.
3k warmup
16 x (200m@ 30 (actual 29.8)/100m@ 45/46) for ~3miles @14.58

I felt as if my last 4 were run with sand in my pockets! The most difficult part of the session was the recovery, and it is obvious that my aerobic fitness is lacking. This type of session comes from Rolf Haikkola and exposes specific weakness:
-can’t hit designated times on 200? = need speed training
-can’t recover on the 45 sec? = need aerobic conditioning

Haikkola and Viren did many variations of this session including his 50m hard/50m moderate x 50 for 5000m in 13:30 before Montreal.



had a little back flareup on weds/thurs/fri due to my daughter growing and her only wanting to fall asleep with her head on my left side while we walk around. but stretched a lot and saw my PT on thursday. managed to get it worked out for the most part (knock on wood). went into saturday’s run ready to bail if the back gave me any issues but it felt pretty solid except for a little tightness in the lower part. 13 miles with 2000ft climbing felt solid. sunday was nice and easy 8 miles with a massage afterwards. seeing my PT today and thursday again to get things hopefully fully sorted before boston on monday.


Managed to squeeze in a back to back long run this weekend. 13.25 miles Saturday avg 6:18 pace with a few hills about 500 ft or so and two miles at 5:30 pace towards the end. . Ran 11 Sunday along the same route avg 6:29 pace. Both runs felt really good. Definitely a big fan of the epic react though.


Racing a half marathon next weekend, and today I did my last long session. 10 mile progression on the turf starting at 5:43 and getting down to about 5:05. Ended up running right at 54:00 for 10. Last 5 miles was about a 5:15 average.

Treated this as a race simulation. Wore vaporflys and my kit, and I woke up early to eat a good breakfast. Felt really relaxed through the first 6-7 miles and didn’t feel like I was working that hard until the last 1.5-2 miles. Definitely a big confidence booster knowing that I can run right around goal pace for 10 miles.


Betting that you average 5.15/mile for the entire 13.1. That workout seems to indicate that in my mind. Only you know, however.



Coach seemed to also think that I was in sub-70 shape in the right race on the right day. Honestly, I would be thrilled with a 1:10 or 1:11 here. Star Wars half isn’t too deep, so I just want to try and finish in that top 3. Going to just try and compete, and I figure the time will come.

I graduated in December after having a pretty miserable college career full of injuries (2 femoral stress fractures, 1 sacral stress fracture, and 1 horribly tight piriformis) that really hindered my ability to be consistent. I honestly thought I was going to quit running after I graduated, but I found a few post-collegiate guys in town to run with and found my love for running again. I run a lot easier on distance runs (~7:15-7:45) and just do a lot of long alternating pace sessions or float workouts. Mileage has really only been 60-65 with a day off every week. It seems to really be working for me again. More importantly, I am having fun again!


2 mile warm-up
600 w/ 600 jog rest-- 1:35
500 w/ 300 walk rest-- 1:18
400 w/ 3 min rest-- 59
3x300 w/ 2.5 rest-- 44, 42, 43
2x150 w/ 2 min rest-- hard~20 sec
2 mile cooldown

Went at the 500 too relaxed, but a decent workout overall.


2 mile warmup
3 x 8min tempo w/ 4min rest
2.5 mile cooldown

paces for intervals were: 5:52 (wonky GPS), 5:03, 5:09

trying to get my shoe/sock combo dialed in for boston. definitely running in vaporflys but not sure of powder blue vs total crimson. still not sure on socks either :-/ so clearly this really didn’t help me dial in anything hahaha

@Samminer94 fun is good! it’s much easier to get fit and run fast when you’re enjoying it. i was the same way after college - totally burned out and had more injuries than i thought necessary (tibial stress fracture, knee surgery). it took me almost a year to get my mojo back but once you find the right group and reasons, it all clicks and it hasn’t stopped for me yet! good luck in the half. you’re fit. run comfortable.


Thanks! I completely agree. If it’s fun, then running fast and everything else is just a bonus.

It definitely depends on what kit you’re wearing, but I find it hard to match the crimson 4%s with anything I own. I wore powder blue in January when I wore a 2017 singlet and some navy shorts, and that matched well. That is the only pair that I have run in thus far and they’ve got a little less than 50 miles since I picked them up in November. I’ve definitely got a bit of a Vaporfly problem.