What was your workout? (continued)


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This week I have a busy racing schedule
4x800 today (Wednesday)
4x400 prelims Thursday
800 Friday
4x400 finals Saturday.

I overextended myself in the 4x800 on first leg… I came through 56.5 then 1:26.0 at 400 and 600, but absolutely fell apart and ended with a 2:03. The lock up was very very real. I have never ran 1:26 flat for 600m, even in practice, so it was quite rough.


@800_legend good luck this weekend man. you’ve certainly put in the work for this weekend of racing.

Had my first speed work other than strides on Tuesday.

1.25 tempo, 5x400 on the track all in about 75, 1.25 tempo. Averaged ~6:05 for the tempo portions, and the 400s were with a long rest just to begin getting the feel for faster paces. Very relaxed workout.


Ran a road 5k back on june 25th. 15:51 won by about 90 seconds. Felt like a hardish tempo and really fun to run hard again. Since then i havent done anything fast but this week should be 85-86 miles depending on long run tomorrow morning. That with 60 hours of work plus lifting core stretching foam rolling etc ive been tired. But this summer has gone a lot better than last year and i had an absolute blast last year after that summer of training. Fingers crossed


Hit 57, 60, 55 my last 3 weeks. Now that I have 5 weeks of moderate mileage without much of anything fast I can start to pick things up during the month of July. My mileage may not seem like much but I think I’m ahead of where I was last year and I dropped nearly a minute in cross for 8k last year. Things are looking up.


9 miles with 3 miles @ 5:31 pace. wasn’t sure what i was going to do coming into this workout, but just wanted to pick it up for a bit as the first hard effort in a month. pretty pleased how relaxed it felt. still some fitness present :stuck_out_tongue:

hoping to run a 30k trail race on july 22 but have to make sure i have someone to watch my daughter hahaha


11 miles with 6 @ 5:26 pace. (3 warm up / 2 cooldown). felt solid. quite pleased.


4.1 mile tempo at 6:10 pace. A little bit frustrated with my tempos this summer because I know I should, on paper, be able to run faster than that, but I’m wary of pushing too hard. Anyone got any advice?


friday: 9 miles w/ 5 x ( 30secs hard uphill, 30sec walk/jog down, 1min hard uphill, 2min walk/jog down)
saturday: 14 miles w/ 3500ft climbing
sunday: 12 miles/w 3500ft climbing

legs are sooooooooore

63 on the week i think


Done continuous:
2k warmup
30x150@ 14.5sec/100m pace with 50m recovery jog
1k warmdown



65 miles last week and ran a road 5k in 15:54. I surprised myself with how relaxed it felt. I wasn’t trying to time trial really. Just wanted to give a good effort and break 16. Also, my watch clocked 5k at 15:40, and I know GPS watches aren’t perfect but 14 seconds is a lot for it to be off by. I’m suspecting the course was a touch long.


6:10 for 4 miles isn’t bad. It’s the middle of July and you’re not racing for a while. The summer is all about listening to your body and going off feel. Get in as hard of efforts that feel comfortable and won’t injure you. Some days, especially when it’s hot and humid and you just got off work, your body just isn’t willing and able to do 5 miles at 5:50, and that’s ok. The goal is to be fit and healthy in October and November.


2 mile warmup
5 x 30 sec hills w/ 1 min jog rest
2.5 mins jog rest
10 min tempo uphill (700ft climb in 1.4 miles)
6.5 mins jog rest
5 x 30 sec hills w/ 1 min jog rest
10 min tempo downhill on trails (2 miles in 10:12)
3 mile cooldown

strava data:https://www.strava.com/activities/1090530910/overview

and cool relive.cc video of the workout: https://www.relive.cc/view/1090530910


9 mile run w/ 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 fartlek w/ T-1 mins rest (1 min minimum). slightly slower than 5:00/mile pace.


2k warmup
14x200@ 28.7avg with 200 recovery between + 1x400@ 57.5 to link the pace to longer
1k warmdown



Hey GT,
Any plans to race soon? Seems like it’s been a while since you’ve mentioned one.


No, not at all. I’m in 12 weeks of the cardiac surgery service working nights. Mostly 80-100 hours per week. Track sessions are more for my personal sanity currently.


30k trail race (ended up being closer to 28k) on saturday. 5000ft+ climbing. legs were fairly tired on the first climb and i just settled into 3rd despite my pre-race ambitions of winning. finished in 2:32. winner was 2:23 and 2nd place was 2:27. great to get back out there. good solid weekend heading towards a 50k in late august.

followed the race up on sunday with 15 miles and 2000ft climbing.

68 miles on the week.


2 mile warmup
3 mile tempo uphill (954ft climbing) in 19:54
4 mile cooldown


2k warmup
8x300@ 42.3 avg with 2 minutes rest
1k warmdown


65 and 70 the last two weeks. 2 weeks ago I did a 2x2 mile in 10:40. This week I did a 2400, 2400, 1600 in 7:57, 7:57, 5:07. Just doing a little bit to get the legs moving quicker.