What part of you gets most tired while running?


Like the title says, when you’re struggling to finish a long run, or you’re feeling really tired on a workout, what part of you is most tired? Does your breathing get labored and your lungs burn? Or your stomach gets really upset? Or do your legs get really heavy and tired? Something else?

I was just wondering because it seems like my legs are always tired when I run and are holding me back a little, because nothing else really gets tired except my legs.


Well your legs are doing a lot of the work…so I guess it would make sense that they get pretty tired.


Usually my hips/upper quads, and occasionally my shoulders feel pretty heavy and tired.


This entire base I’ve been trying to build the only reason i stop and walk or run less than i need to is because of my shins. Shooting pains up and down them all the time when I run, hardly ever when i walk. So stupid.


hip flexors, and my arms sometimes start to lock up.


In races and stuff, I would get bored and stop.


My quads, whenever I’m exhausted in a long run, my quads tend to lock up.


my brain because running by yourself can get pretty boring at times


my hammys always start to shut down before anything else, but that only happens in races. long runs and stuff i’ll occasionally get that weird shoulder cramp, but thats not gonna stop the run.




My boobs.