What is your favorite chore to do?


Somewhat inspired by FC in the random thread and my love of ironing. What chore is your favorite to do, as in you actually like doing it.

I love ironing, but my favorite is probably cleaning the refrigerator. It is really fun for me to do…and I look forward to cleaning it every so often.


Melting ice in the sink. I dunno why, something about it is just extremely satisfying.


I hate doing all chores but once in awhile I go into beast mode and clean my whole house and yard.

I would say mowing my lawn because I am outside and get a sense of accomplishment


I love vacuuming/sweeping/mopping the floors.


So uh whenever you guys want to come over and clean some…

Ill make you dinner or something in return? I think thats fair trade.


My mom always pays me in beer to clean.

Not sure if I should be proud of my cleaning skills.


This minus mopping.


Mowing the lawn. My lawn is so hilly you can only use a push lawnmower so it actually turns out to be a pretty good workout, which I always enjoy.


I like raking leaves and mowing grass. Anything where there is very obvious visual evidence of progress.


cutting the grass definitely.

i hate vacuuming, and my cat hates when i vacuum.


gotta be mowing.

but after that sweeping or vacuuming aren’t bad. folding, doing, ironing, hanging, and changing laundry is real annoying to me


Judging by any part of my house that isn’t my bedroom… none. Judging by my bedroom… anything.


If a cat could vaccum and you hated it, the cat would vacuum all the time. I guarantee it.


I always put it off but cleaning my room for sure. Washing cars is good too. Cometing the sink is pretty good too, get that basin nice and white!


splitting wood. few other chores allow you to destroy things but yet accomplish what you’re supposed to do.


I like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom (at my house. I hate cleaning the bathroom at work.) It’s actually really stress relieving to just scrub the stove and kitchen floor sometimes. I HATE cleaning my room, though. For whatever reason (maybe that I’m crazy) it stresses me out. I hate having to move things around to clean… Maybe it has to do with possibly having to get rid of stuff or something, or maybe there’s just too many things that it involves… but I hate cleaning my room.


can i trash it first? ill clean it after dinner


vampire hunting imo


I kind of feel the same way. Sometimes, like before a party or before my family comes over, I like doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, and having everything put away, so that everything is clean. It’s strange, but it makes me feel really productive.


as long as the outcome is a clean happy house, idgaf how it gets done.