What have I been working on?


I post this in the guest section because as it is there are already too many News Threads.

I thought I would make this thread before I…stay up all night and watch the forum - security reasons. (admins don’t sleep. ever. lest they get their forum stolen)

What have I been up to?

Some of my top priorities:[list][]Validating new members as quickly as possible, and always checking it just in case.
]Looking for the general census on important matters so I can put out the fire before it begins. Such as the rep system, new skins…etc
[]Avidly looking for new skins to appease the members who are currently unsatisfied with this one.
]Looking for cool html codes to implement into this forum. Such as a rep system, chatbox, more smilies, a sweet RPG fighting system, different color buttons…etc
[]Emailing ESPN RISE Spokesperson to tell him that if he really was on a track team he would know that a sub-4 minute mile is the highlight of any college atheletes year/season.
]In general bashing on ESPN RISE’s lack of sincerity.
[]Trying to fix the problem several members are having with being ‘logged out unexpectedly’
]Scanning dyestat for updates on the situation
[/list]Also: Everytime I’m at the computer around 10:30-11:30pm I hear pokemon music (pokemon red)? but I sold that game. I’m fairly certain this isn’t normal. I hear it right now in fact. Anyways that’s what I’ve been doing. Also if everyone could send some sort of email/message to this Ben guy to let him know that his advertising ploy’s aren’t working. First trick in the book is relating to the consumer. Don’t fall for his ploys. He wasn’t on the track team, I checked.



Nice… B)