What Has happened to NY Boards?


Eddie Owens goes 8:59.x tomight in steeple…


Very nice effort from Eddie Owens indeed! He may even challenge for the National H.S. record of 8:50.1, which was set by Jeff Hess of Oregon back in 1979, before the outdoor campaign is over. Also, within his sights would be the NYS record of 8:52.6, set by Jim Shields of Chaminade in 1976. :slight_smile:


no one from ny really posts much. i mean i’m from here but i dont follow hs that much


New York board is pretty much dead.

Owens’ 3Ksc is the best early-season performance by a New York guy in recent memory. I wouldn’t hazard an estimate of what an equivalent mile or 2-mile might be.


well he’s running the 3k at penn this week so we should get a chance


NY sweep of the boys open races, with Owens and Noelle??


NY is the best high school running state.


HUGE upset in the girls 3K at Penn… I would’ve bet the ranch on Cuffe winning.


Yup - the NY board barely has a pulse since the demise of the old Dyestat.

Noelle wins the Loucks 3200m in 8:56.02 (sub 9 conversion for full deuce) over Hehir (9:00.21), Owens was in 6th (9:17), but came back to win the steeple in 9:12.4.

Watkins with a very impressive winning double: 1:50.61 & 4:11.13 for the 800m & 1600m.


Kalaby, nice running in NY, too bad it does seem a lot of the fire went out when orginal Dyestat format folded


the other thing that hurts the ny board is we’re all getting older and into college, and as we do, we know less and less of the kids competing at the hs level. its different when you dont know anyone anymore.


NY boards has been dying for awhile. The last several months leading up to the switch the board was fairly inactive


I would have to agree with the many people going to college thing. That plus the switch from dyestat plus a couple slow years for NYS was more or less a death knell for the board. Somewhat of a sad chapter of a great existence. :frowning:


Yeah, it’s sad to see no talk at all about State Qualifier results and the upcoming races at States.


what will be your top 3 races you want to see at states?
for me in no order


Kids use texting and tweeting as a conversation forum. This medium has run its course? :confused:


Will have to see who’s in. Section 2 results not posted yet, among others.

Thought West Genesee could’ve put together a really strong 4x800, but they didn’t. If Shaker and Bethlehem get in, they should give Warwick a good battle.


Monroe-Woodbury is in also. They are very strong. 7:48.x at Fast Times and 1:49.x carry leg.

Picked my top 3 with the usual suspects knowing they’d be in each:
800: watkins vs brennan
3200m: great field of owens, hehir, luthin, and ??
4x8: i always love the 4x8 but as you stated shaker, beth, north rockland, mw, warwick, sjb, etc can make for a great race


Noelle might have something to say about the 3200. :cool:

Sainato from Colonie could join the battle in the 800. Also Miller (who surprised everybody in the 600 indoors).


whoops typo…meant noelle. i havent looked but am thinking owens will just be in steepole.

miller was unreal indoors, would be nice to see that type of race again out of him