What Happened to TT?


I was just about to delete my shortcut link thinking the site had shut down for good! What happened?


“Industry security standards have changed in the last few months and require a focused dedicated block of time for upgrades to the new standards. He does not have that flexibility at this moment.”

Someone posted that a few days in relation to what happened to the site/owner. Also I heard the owner is the only person who works on this site meaning there’s no additional help. Glad its back up now.


I posted that on LetsRun . It comes from an email from Zen about the site going dark for a few days.


I guess I will have open an account on Lets Run to keep up with what is happening on TT…Seems more appropriate for Zen to make a post on TT a few days before taking it down for maintenance or whatever.


Thread posted here: RIP TRACKTALK